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Tackling the Trail to Grizzly Lake in a 2021 Bronco

Tackling the Trail to Grizzly Lake in a 2021 Bronco


The trail to Grizzly Lake should be on every Bronco owner’s bucket list. Bronco Nation recently completed it in a 4-door Badlands on 33s during our time at Super Celebration West, and with proper practice, preparedness, and a look at the weather, we encourage you to try it out as well.

In this video, Jon Melton of Nashville Early Bronco shows you how to get the most out of your 2021 Bronco by coaching you step-by-step through this beautiful Colorado trail.

We start at the Gatekeeper: a very difficult rock wall right after a stream crossing. Your tires will be wet but airing down can help you grip better (we ran at 26 PSI). There are a few winch points at the top of the obstacle, but it’s possible to do the climb without a winch. Jon does list a few items you will want to have in your off-roading kit –– one, of course, being a flannel.

Tackle the Gatekeeper in 4L with front and rear differentials locked, if equipped. You’ll also like using your tire cameras, if you have them. We chose the line of putting the passenger front tire on the big rock on the path’s right side.

About 100 feet past the Gatekeeper, you’ll find a steep loose rock path. Stay in 4L with the rear locker on and the stabilizer bar disconnected.

At about .6 miles into the rock garden, it may become challenging with 33” tires. It’s difficult, and smaller rocks become boulders. Again, it is possible to navigate, however. Go slow and use a spotter when needed.

Grizzly Lake sits 11,200 feet above sea level, an almost 1,300-foot climb from the trailhead. Once you arrive, you can take a 6.4 mile trail around the lake, but be aware that portion is also difficult.

Watch the full video to see the Bronco in action, historic ruins you’ll pass, and the views you’ll enjoy when you take your all-new Bronco on the trail.

Is Grizzly Lake on your list of trails to do? Have you already ran it? Let us know in the forums.



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