Oct 09, 2020

You kept the questions coming so we are keeping the answers coming too! We did another Q&A session with the Ford representatives at Super Celebration East to discuss some of your biggest questions! Check out the responses below.

1. Does marine grade vinyl come with heated seats?

Yes, it is offered with the Badlands and Black Diamond series.

2. On the Ford site, it lists the signature lighting as being an option on the Big Bend. Is this a typo or will it be available as a stand-alone option?

It is a stand-alone option for the Big Bend.

3. Will a steel rear bumper be included with the HD Modular bumper, or is that only on the First Edition, Black Diamond, and Badlands?

The steel bumper only comes with the First Edition, Black Diamond, and Badlands. It comes standard on these three series with the modular front bumper and rear steel bumper.

4. What specs make the First Edition unique?

The first edition has all the best parts of Bronco built into one model. It has the Badlands Chassis, which has the sta-bar disconnect and modular front bumper and rear steel bumper. It also has the Sasquatch package, the Navy Pier leather interior from the Outer Banks series, and WildTrak exterior details like the WildTrak grille. Lastly, First Edition has a unique paint color (Lightning Blue).

5. How do I know what order my reservation is in?

Your dealer will get in touch with you to let you know where you stand on the reservation list. Ford will also be giving reservation holders a time window of when they can expect delivery for their Bronco.

6. When do we expect to see them in dealerships?

The first deliveries will be taking place in Spring of 2021. Bronco Sport will be arriving in dealerships by the end of this year.

7. Are there any differences in 2-door and 4-door off-road performance?

The main difference is the wheelbase, which will affect high centering.

8. Will there be an option to relocate rear camera for a spare tire carrier?

No. The location was carefully chosen to be in the optimal place. Its placement is also integral to providing the 360-degree camera views.

9. Can the roof be carried on-board when removed?

There are two options on the 4-door. You can store your front two roof panels along with your front two doors, or you can leave your roof panels on and store all four doors on-board.

10. How many accessories will there be at launch?

There will be 200 for the Bronco and 100 for the Bronco Sport.

11. What is the roof rack load?

It is rated at 110 lb. dynamic load carrying capability and 450 lb. static load carrying capability.

12. Does a hard top include a soft top when you order a Bronco?

Hard top and soft top will come together if you order the dual top option.

What do you think about these details?


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