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Staff Builds: Badlands

Staff Builds: Badlands


All this week, we’ll be bringing you our builds for each trim of the 2021 Ford Bronco. @david in the forums and @dwrock, your friendly Bronco Nation support and fulfillment associate, will each bring a build to the table with a different theme. We aren’t experts and this isn’t a list of recommendations, it’s just a couple Bronco fans dreaming up some rigs.

 Today we continue with the Badlands.

@David: The Adventure Platform

Get ready for some long range, vehicle dependent adventure travel. We start with a four door so we can have all that extra cargo space for gear. I’m not kitting this one out to be ready to head to the wild straight from the dealership though, it’s a platform for the gear I’ll add later. So, I’m checking all the boxes for things that I’d rather someone else do. Sasquatch takes care of the suspension, lockers, and tires. Lux package gives some nice features, not least of which is the wireless charging pad and the dash accessory plugs so I can mount a camera to capture my adventures.

Adding Sasquatch means that I’ll have to get a roof rack elsewhere and I’d probably add a winch at some point to the included heavy duty modular front bumper. Sasquatch also forced my hand with the transmission, and I threw in the 2.7L EcoBoost to round it out. Finally, I chose Cyber Orange, so I’d be easy to see when I need to be rescued. This is a pretty serious rig and so is its price, $982 a month*.

Exterior Keyless Entry Pad, Engine Block Heater
Interior Floor Liners – Front and Rear
Powertrain 2.7L EcoBoost and 10 Speed Automatic Transmission
Packages Lux, Towing
Accessories None
Color Cyber Orange

*All prices are based on an APR 5% and a down payment of 10% of the purchasing price

@dwrock: The Wheeler

I think we can all agree, hands down, that the Badlands trim is the most capable of the Bronco lineup. So for this build I threw everything I could on it.

There is a serious argument that for the best wheelin’, a shorter wheelbase is key. So, for that reason, I chose the 2-Door route. I opted for Area 51, which I think is a fantastic color name, good job Ford! Adding Sasquatch and the 315/70s was a must, no question about that.

Again, I chose the 2.7 EcoBoost, because Go Big or Go Home is pretty much the name of the game here with this build.

I added on a lot of accessories on this one, Brush Guard, Flat top Cargo Carrier, some of the available lighting choices, Winch, and even the Off-Road Air Compressor Kit.  Making this a very capable rig.

On the inside, the High Package gives it a few creature comforts on top of the standard, easy to maintain MGV seats. All of that brings this Bronco Badlands example to $970 a month*.

Exterior 17" Black High Gloss-Painted Aluminum Wheels, Top – Hard Top, Molded-in-Color, Roof Rails with Crossbars – Black, Brush Guard
Interior Hard Top Sound Deadening Headliner, Floor Liners – Front and Rear
Powertrain 2.7L EcoBoost® Engine
Packages High Package, Sasquatch™ Package
Accessories Yakima® Roof Rack-Mounted Basket - Light Brackets, LockNLoad™ Flat-Top Cargo Carrier, Large, Roof-Rail Attachment, Off-Road Recovery Kit - Heavy Duty, Winch and Winch-Mounting Solution Kit, Off Road/Track Air Compressor Kit, Pod Lights
Color Area 51

*All prices are based on an APR 5% and a down payment of 10% of the purchasing price


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