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Setting Up Your Bronco with the FordPass Connect App

Setting Up Your Bronco with the FordPass Connect App


Town & Country Ford’s Mitchell Watts demonstrates setting up the 2021 Bronco with FordPass Connect. The app gives you remote access and control to your Bronco and can be used with every trim. In this video, he walks us through setting up and using an account for your vehicle.

To begin, download the FordPass app from your app store. Scan your VIN, and name your vehicle. Activate the vehicle on the app and accept the prompt inside your vehicle.

Some of the features you can complete with the app include locking and unlocking your vehicle, remote starting the Bronco and turning off the engine, viewing tire pressure and other details, and using the zone lighting.

Watch the short and simple instructions for setup, and see what all the app can do for you.



  1. Right after the 2 min mark it states that everyone else can see your location.
    Is all others people in my inner circle or everyone everywhere.
    My newest vehicle is an 05 so Im honestly asking how much privacy I’m actually giving up. I don’t want to show out of town and others are robbing my house.

  2. If you can type in the vin # into the app which is visible in the window, what is going to keep someone from adding your Bronco into their app and getting access to your car?

  3. Does remote start via the FordPass app work on the Bronco Base or do you have to have a Bronco with the remote start key fob?


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