MIC Hardtops from Ford to Begin Selling This Month

Mar 05, 2024

Yesterday, Ford Motor Company announced to dealers that a limited number of the Molded-In-Color (MIC) hardtops would begin selling online in March.

Tops will only be available for 4-door Broncos, and customers will receive an email with a link to purchase on accessories.ford.com.

Bronco Hardtop Cost

Tops will cost $4,995. Dealers can install them for $300, or customers can choose to have them shipped to their house for the price of freight shipping. Ford Pass Rewards Points may be used toward the purchase of a top, but no discounts will apply.

Tops will not be returnable.

How Long Before I Can Get One?

While this news brings a long stretch of top updates closer to an end, these Ford hardtops may take up to 12+ months to be processed and fulfilled. Tops will be offered to owners of the oldest 21MY Broncos first.

Tops will be delayed in several states –– Arizona, Vermont, Oklahoma –– due to State Dealer Franchise Laws. Hawaii and Alaska-based customers will receive a separate communication.

Ford, Aftermarket, or Staying with a Soft Top?

See the full dealer communication in the Bronco forums and stick around to discuss the hardtop news. Will you try to secure a Ford hardtop, or have you already placed an order with one of the aftermarket top companies?


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