Ford Invites Bronco Owners to Private Solar Eclipse Viewing and Camping Experience at Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas

Feb 28, 2024

On April 8, 2024, the moon will pass between the sun and the earth, resulting in a TOTAL solar eclipse. For a few moments, Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas will be covered in a blanket of darkness, the air temperature will drop and only a symphony of nocturnal insects will break the stillness.

Ford Motor Company is inviting Bronco owners to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event with two epic adventure options: a 2-Night Camping Experience or a Total Eclipse Day Pass.

Close up of Austin, Texas on a map.

2-Night Camping Experience: April 7-9, 2024

Only 100 Spots Available! Owners interested in a multi-day solar eclipse experience are invited to Grey Wolf Ranch – home of Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas – for an exclusive solar eclipse viewing event, five (5) catered meals, special Ford Bronco Raptor reveal event, private trail drive opportunities, and more!

Campers, who are required bring their own camping accommodations, will have the opportunity to book a guided trail drive (must bring your own Bronco or Bronco Sport) on the Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas property. Don’t wait, space for trail drives is limited to the first 60 to sign up.

This experience is $1995 and includes up to 3 additional guests.

Total Eclipse Day Pass

Only 50 Spots Available! Those interested in driving in for the day can purchase the Total Eclipse Day Pass, which includes invitation to Grey Wolf Ranch on April 8th to watch the solar eclipse in the path of totality, enjoy two (2) catered meals, special Ford Bronco Raptor reveal event, and more.

This experience is $595 and includes up to 3 guests.

Invitation Only 

The guest list for this exclusive event is limited to Bronco owners who have previously attended Bronco Off-Roadeo or owners who have a current reservation.

Don’t miss this incredible event. Book your Total Eclipse experience at Bronco Off-Roadeo now using the links below!

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