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Member Map

Member Map is an exclusive membership feature that allows members to find Bronco communities or trails and parks all over the country. Use the filtering features and tools to easily identify what you are searching for or add a location to keep the map growing for the whole community.


To access all features of the Member Map, you will need to be logged in and have a Bronco Nation Member Account. 

Once the Map loads, you will see several items on the map, a menu, and map buttons. We’ll go into detail on other section. Here is an introduction to the elements of the map. 

Menu and Legend


On the menu, you can select buttons on the left, which will display the features on the right.


Items on the map


Registered user, non-Member

Member cluster. Zoom in or click to see more

Member-added location


Member-hosted Round-Up Event

Map buttons


Map Tools

In the Map Tools Menu, you can do the following:

  • Jump to a location– Enter the Address
  • Search for Members– Begin typing their forum name and a list of suggestions will appear. Click the name in the list to position the map at that members location.

  • Enable Filter Radius– This will only display items within the radius you set.
  • Check the enable radius filter: This will turn your cursor into a small (hard to see) “+”. You must draw a circle on the map to create your radius filter. You can move the radius around the map by gripping the handle in the center. You can also expand the radius by grabbing the handles on the radius edge. Once you have a radius adjusted to the location you want, you can see the number of users in the radius.

Now that you have filtered the users and data on the map, you can send a Mem Message to only those users using the Map Message button. See the “Map Message” section.


Note: Members typically have a 100-person message limit.

Map Filters

You can greatly improve map performance by filtering out all data you are not interested in. You may filter the following items:

Main (global) filters applied to all:
  • View All – turn everything on
  • View Following – view users you have followed in the forums
  • View Online – View users who are currently online
User groups:
  • Member – Display Bronco Nation Members
  • Registered – Display registered non-members

Turn location types on and off.

  • Trail
  • National Park
  • Ranger Station
  • Medical
  • Camp Site

Add Location

Users may contribute to the community by adding locations to the Map. Select the Add Location menu button and you will see a form like the one below. First select the location type which will change the available fields, then enter the information as completely as possible. Your location will not appear immediately. It will be sent to an administrator who will review and approve the location for addition to the map. Thank you for your contribution!

Map Message

Use the Radius Filter to target a group of Members on the map. See the “Map Tools” section.

Select the Map Message button: and you will be taken to the “Conversation” screen to complete your message. The conversation will include all of the members from the map! Members have a 100 person Conversation limit.

Map Check-In

Coming soon.

Bronco Events

On the map, you will see Bronco Events icons.






These are Member-Hosted Bronco events. To get more information about the event, click the icon. This will link to Round-Up details, and you can decide if you would like to attend!

If you would like to create your own Round-Up event, see the Round-Up How-To!