Sep 18, 2023

I had to go to the dealership to get my battery replaced (warranty-thanks Texas heat😡 ) and noticed besides the lot being over 3/4 full now, they had 20 Broncos on the lot!!! I have NEVER seen that many on a dealer lot around here. Loved seeing them all. There was no dealer markup on any of them (but there were no Raptors which do have mark ups on them). Prices have gone up since 2021 though. I walked the lot sharing what each Bronco MSRP is if you are interested. The dealer is Southwest Ford in Weatherford Tx ( I guess the only thing different I would have done was put the Sasquatch Bronco's together and then the non-sasquatch broncos together. Seeing the mismatched height, for me, diminished the appeal of the lower setting vehicles even though they are all Broncos - just my opinion. They had Badlands, Wildtrack, Outer Banks, and Big Bend models-so a variety of price levels depending on what a person would want. The website noted that 10 more are on the way, showing 30 in stock. That is amazing since for over 2 years, they were hard to find on lots in this type of quantity. Enjoy the video-I enjoyed seeing all these Broncos!! I did another video on the Mustangs on the lot if interested-check out my channel!
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