May 26, 2023

I did a search but did not find anything about this so I'm posting an FYI. I have a '23 Badlands. I bought a Superchips Flashcal for Broncos to make some programming changes. Mainly disabling the double honk and auto start stop. It worked on the double honk (thank god) but would not change anything else I tried.

I bought this from Northridge 4x4. Their site said it was good for 2021-2023 Badlands. Anyway...

Called Superchips this morning and talked to a rep. He said they have not programed a version that includes 2023 Broncos yet. Must be some software changes since it only partially works on one.

Update: Northridge 4x4 was very accommodating and agreed to refund my purchase and update their website.
mainiacken, the poacher