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From the BN Forums: Moab 4×4 Expo B&P Q&A

From the BN Forums: Moab 4×4 Expo B&P Q&A


The Bronco Nation forums are a place for the Bronco family to connect, discuss, and maybe, occasionally, vent a little bit. This Q&A was posted in the forums and we wanted to share it here, you know, for posterity.  

Q: Are marine-grade seats heated?
A: Yes 


Q: Are blackout window MIC top panels an available option? 

A: Not from the factory. Although we expect it will be available aftermarket. 


Q: Which Broncos¬†were¬†at¬†the¬†MOAB¬†4×4 Expo?¬†

A: 4-door Overland rig, 4-door Firecrew rig, and Bronco Sport 


Q: Are rock rails standard on the 4-door Badlands model? 

A: Yes 


Q: Will there be a power seat option? 

A: Yes 


Q: Are there factory fog lights available or do we need to buy a lighting kit? 

A: There is a factory option available, as well as additional external lighting options. 


Q: What are your thoughts on the Bronco Sport after seeing it live? 

A: We’ve heard lots of:¬†‚ÄúWow it looks better in person!‚Ä̬†


Q: Is the fridge in the Overland Badlands build the same as on the B&P? 

A: No. The fried/freezer in the Overlander is a 35 Liter and the one in B&P is 19 quart.  


Q: Is there a disconnecting sway bar on the auto transmission? 

A: Yes 


Q: Will you be able to get power seats on the Badlands with marine-grade vinyl seats? 

A: In order to prevent damage to the electronics, this combination is not available. 


Q: What colors are available for the Outer Banks model? 

A: Every color except Lightning Blue. 


Q: Does the moon roof on the Bronco Sport open? 

A: Yes, even with a roof rack. 


Q: What models have the option for marine-grade vinyl seats? 

A: Black Diamond and Badlands 


Q: Will the Badlands model have the option to hang objects on the back of the front seats? 

A: Yes 


Q: Is Antimatter Blue available for 2D Badlands? 

A: Yes 


Q: Are marine-grade vinyl seats available on the Base model? 

A: No 

Q: Will a Filson interior be a future trim level option or is this a one-off build? 

A: It is a one-off concept. 


Q: I don’t have my Bronco yet. Is it too soon to join Bronco Nation? 

A: Not at all! We welcome all enthusiasts. Whether you own a Bronco or not. There is no VIN requirement.  


Q: Are the seats cooled?  

A: They are not. Only heated. 


Q: Can I make it my daily driver? 

A: Of course! 


Q: Have you tested the waterproof interior? 

A: Not yet… maybe in an upcoming video? 


Q: Are leather seats available in the Base model? 

A: No 

Q: Are the marine-grade seats comfortable? 

A:¬†Yes, they’re honestly¬†quite¬†comfortable, soft, and look¬†great.¬†


Q: Will the First Edition come with additional seating options? 

A: Only Navy Pier leather is available on the First Edition. 


Q: What is the purpose of cables tied from the hood and roof? 

A: They’re limb risers. 


Q:  Is it possible to order any model in Cactus Grey with a white top? 

A: Not in 2021. 


Q: Will there be other leather options like navy or brown for the Badlands model? 

A: No. Only MGV and black leather are available. 


Q: Which models come in Lightning Blue? 

A: Only the First Edition 


Q: What are the MPG numbers? 

A: They have not been released yet. 


Q: Can the Sasquatch package be daily driven? 

A: Oh yeah! 


Q: Is the orange paint flat or metallic? 

A: Metallic 

Obviously, there are still questions out there. There are still some mysteries to be solved regarding roof racks on 4-Door Broncos, winch placement and how it will affect the Trail Cam, and many others. We are still on the hunt for official answers and can’t wait to get these questions settled so we can discuss them at length with the Nation. For now though, go get some speculating in with your fellow Bronco fans in the forums.  


  1. Can you explain the gear ratio difference between the 3.7, 4.4 & 4.7? I know the Badlands is geared low for crawling, how does that translate with auto transmission? Will the top end be geared noticeably low?

  2. Paint is Paint! If you can offer Lightning Blue on the First Edition, why not the other models? I was planning to order my Outer Banks in that color. Also, why so many variations of grey? How about changing one of them to SABER. You already have it available in the Ranger. It would be a nice option over grey!


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