Uhwarrie National Forest

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Aug 9, 2020
Down South in Dixie
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For those of you near, the Uhwarrie National Forest offers some great off roading. There are trail there from "That was easy" to "Oh hell, I'm gonna die." Being new to off roading after buying our first Jeep one year ago we still stick with the easy trails, with some moderate trail thrown in for good measure. I expect the Bronco like the Jeep will have more off roading capabilities than I'll ever have. And for the $5 cost of a day pass it's a million dollars worth of fun to get out there and get dirty.

Check it out here:



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May 20, 2020
Clayton, Delaware, DE, USA
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Are there any other national forests in NC that have OHV trails? I'm just not used to that. You can't go offroad anywhere here unless it's private property and you know the owners.


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Jun 10, 2020
North Carolina, USA
Uwharrie is basically the only public wheeling in North Carolina. Overall its pretty easy I have had a my stock ford ranger on 31s out there and it does pretty good. Ever since they closed Kodak Rock they only have 2 hard trails Daniel and dutch john. Overall its a fun place we normally go once a month during the month its open minus June and July due to the heat.

The only other ohv trails are brown mountain and croatan national forest. But Brown Mountain only has one trail the full size vehicles can run, its mainly for sxs and dirt bikes. Croatan i'm told is more dirt gravel fire roads, which could be fun they are pretty new.

If your interested Carolina broncos is doing there annual November Run on the weekend on November 7. We normally have about 10-12 early broncos and a handful of full size broncos. We have had stockers to broncos on 40's great mix that comes out.



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Jan 9, 2022
Greensboro, NC, USA
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I will concur about Uwharrie, it's an adult playground. You can camp, backpack, hike, go off-roading, ride horses, hunt, use the shooting range. I've been out there a bunch, I've been on most of the trails with my XJ, plan on completing them all with the Bronco. The XJ is still on 31's and the locker isn't wired up yet.

If you're out west there are tons of fire roads but specifically look at Hurricane Creek Road.

Croatan is flat gravel road, better for driving the bronco out there, jumping on a gravel bike and crushing trails looking for alligators.