Some Tips for Clubs on Bronco Nation

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Mar 19, 2020
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Hey everyone! Glad to see that there's so much interest in putting together Bronco clubs. Getting the community together is a huge part of making Bronco great for everyone. If you're interested in getting clubs started, we have a few ways to help you do it.
  1. Start a thread for your region/state in the Clubs Forum:
    • Talk about what kind of events your group is interested in.
    • Discuss the best things to do with your Broncos in your region.
    • Share the forum thread across whatever social media your group is using so people know where to find the best information on activities and events.
  2. Use the Member Map to find and communicate with potential club members:
    • Check out our Member Map How-To so that you know how you can use this member benefit to the fullest.
    • Use a radius filter in the Map Tools tab so you can target your region and send a message to every registered forum user and member in that radius.
    • Let them know about the forum thread that you have for your club and any Round-Up events that you have planned.
  3. Start planning get togethers with Round-Ups:
    • Check out our Round-Up tutorial on the Round-Up page to get started.
    • Publish the Round-Up and use the invite creation tool to target invites to forum users and members in your region.
    • Round-Up will automatically create a thread for your event, use it to share event specific details and answer attendee questions about your event.
  4. Share your event experience in the Forums and on Social to spread the word for your club.
Those are a few ways you can use Bronco Nation tools start organizing your local Bronco fans so you can build relationships that outlast the rigs.
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