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Jul 28, 2022
El Paso, TX, USA
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One of the features of the Bronco Sport I've found most impressive (and hope to NEVER use) is the vehicle safety. Say what you will about body-on-frame vs. unibody for off-roading, I'll take the added safety of the unibody design on this vehicle every day. There are a lot of serious crash-test videos out there, that are very impressive with this vehicle, this one is not so serious :p.

Notice the car on the bottom is a Ford Escape, which has the same unibody design as the Bronco. It is SERIOUSLY impressive that he uses the same "jack point" throughout the video, and that weld does not move or deform anymore than it already was.

(the car lifting starts at about a minute in)

Anyway, hope you all enjoy, and if you didn't know this vehicle has a top+ safety rating, then you can sleep a bit easier tonight!