US Southwest Northwest Texas Ford Bronco Event - Northwest ORV Park, Decatur, TX

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May 20, 2020
Milton, GA, USA
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Ford Motor Company is bringing two new Broncos (4 door full-size and a Bronco Sport) to set up just beyond the entrance of the park. They should be there from 8AM to early afternoon, most likely 3pm. Ford Accessories is bringing a 27’ accessory display trailer to really leverage the vehicle personalization angle. The entrance to the park is a very large area, which will be great for current Bronco owners and intenders to come see it. It will be attention grabbing and should hopefully influence potential customers! We’d be happy if tons of older Broncos showed up to support this event activation, especially members of Bronco Nation!

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May 21, 2020
The Colony, TX, USA
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My name is Conner and I am a Ford Motor Company employee working to set up the event. No registration is required, though you will have to pay at the gate if you are going to take your vehicle off roading.

Also, correction: We will have two new Broncos rather than three, but its still going to be a great way to check out the new rigs when you're going wheeling.
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