News of 120,000+ converted reservation or say 56,000 will be 2021 ? True or false?


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Mar 17, 2021
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A video says May, 2021 Bronco are going first to dealers. Converted reservation according to this video of 120,000 will start built in June. 56,000 Broncos estimated delivery into 2022. 2021 orders may get two emails .One with vin. A followup with scheduled production date according to video.

My base is 99 code for 2022MY. Dont trust first year cars. Had 2003 T Bird, no issues, limited edition removable hardtop MSRP $43k bought for $35. Wife traded for 2005 Jag X type for snow and grandkids got $23 TI.

Almost as bad a second 2007 S Benz 550. MSRP $97K FOUND at $77k year end but got $40k TI 2003 S430 ($67 buy), got $42k TI in 2011 For XF (MSRP$54, BUY $43k)with 6k miles. Black on Black. Used for work, thank you Uncle Sam for loophole Bonus depreciation!. Benz dealer TI was only $37 bummer and extended warrantee big money for 2007 S Class. No more Benzs! Good straight road car ,but suck on curves. Took to Daytona Speedway auto cross track. Not a sports car.

Jaguar XF 375( vs 385 hp. Benz ) out performed on auto cross. But also had 3 911 and turbo Cayanne. All Porsches perform well. Cayanne traded for Range Rover Sport , not as fast but not in shop much, like Cayenne. Cayenne turbo blows oil. Range Rover Sport same 375 hp Modular Ford like cayote V8 strong as XF, Little slower than Mustangs. Had many more cars. BMW,FORDS!