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Jun 16, 2020
Oklahoma City, OK, USA
With all of the reservations & I understand not all reservations will convert to an actual order but does anyone have a guess of how long it will take to turn out all of the actual orders? I spoke with a Ford dealer & was told was regardless of the reservation # the dealers will only get a certain amount of Broncos. Saying another way if a dealer has 150 on actual orders that dealer may only get 10 or less a month, meaning it could take 15 Months or longer to get your order & that’s only if Ford doesn’t run into production issues with components or parts required for completing certain builds. Does Ford have a plan to get the orders turned out to ease these concerns? I wish they would share it with everyone.


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Jul 13, 2020
Campbell, CA
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Duuuuude- that's the $1,000,000 question. Many are getting impatient. Many are asking everyone to chill. No one knows, and if they did it would be a big mistake to leak it. I have an FE reserved and am on the opening 24 hour list. But I am now looking at the Badlands because I do not like the FE and that may put me back months. If you've seen the list of complaints from FE buyers and how it has continually become worse news over and over you've got to wonder. I believe too much was promised in the mix of the Covid SIP. Let's say I have not had anything exciting happen since the initial reservation. Many promised included accessories have disappeared, the # of limited units doubled, the roof chnaged , the interior, the 5 exterior colors....ugh. No one really knows man.
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Jun 5, 2020
Mora, NM 87732, USA
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Spoke with my dealer about the ordering process and how it is going to work with them - mind you I have been doing business for years with them, and received one of the coldest replies ever. Not getting good vibes about this and or them... some dealers are really dialed in and are social media oriented, providing allot of information as it comes available. But know this - the Ford Motor Company muzzle is possibly at work here. For example, Wild Horses was in on the ground floor and said nothing the whole time because of their oath to secrecy - I get those being retired Navy. Have been thinking maybe I withdraw from the Res system and wait a couple years for this all to calm down and the bugs to get worked out.. and we as a Nation decide to find a way to live with this "something" that IS NOT going away - ever, so we will have a better idea of when and what... The new Norm? The quota thing doesn't surprise me - however, what was the point of the Res system then??? Are we back in the Harley Davidson days when you waited two years after ordering our new bike??? Oh well, this too shall pass.