Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo Experience


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Jun 4, 2021
11012 Robert Walker Rd, Vancleave, Mississippi 39565, United States
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Just finished my second day at the Texas Off-Roadeo. I went mainly just to learn the limits of my Sport, and what I need to look for when going out on trails with my family. Somehow I scheduled a day where my mother and I were the only drivers for the sports, and we ended up having a private class with our instructor Johnny.

It was a great educational experience, even for experienced drivers. We started on just some basics then straight on the trails. The trails were a beautiful drive with lots of fun little changes. Stopped every now and then to talk about recovery gear and things to be thinking about when out and about.

The second day we went straight on the trails. We went to the other side of the area with lots of newer challenges, and a dirt racetrack to test out the handling. Because we were in a small group, we got to go to areas they haven't fully finished and test the sport on some of the Big Bronco areas.

Overall it was a great experience, learned a lot about about the sport and what Ford is doing to help educate people about off-roading and the environment. A friendly place to learn with experts. He talked us through areas we weren't to sure about and got us to try things we have never done.



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Jul 6, 2021
North Dakota
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Thanks for coming out! I had a good time working with your mother and you. For sure a unique experience for both of us. Not sure I’ll have that kind of experience happen again anytime soon.