Ford Updates Website for the 2021 Bronco

May 11, 2021

By [USER=9985]@Laura[/USER] #1976

Ford has updated its website with more information and images for the 2021 Broncos. See the changes: On the site, you can now find the departure angle (37.2 degrees) and break-over angle (29 degrees –– best in class). Other best-in-class information is the ground clearance:
  • 2-dr models: 11.6”
  • 4-dr models with 35” tires: 11.5”
And don’t forget the best-in-class water fording: up to 33.5” thanks to the high-mounted air intake and ground clearance. You can also take a good look at the front bash plate as well as the horsepower and torque ratings recently shared. Play around with the 360° Colorizer, and flip through new photos and CGIs in the exterior and interior galleries.
View our forum thread to discuss the new additions to the site!


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