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Ford Bronco Updates: News On Tops, Conversions, And Compensation

Ford Bronco Updates: News On Tops, Conversions, And Compensation


Today, Ford updated the timing and production constraints for the 2021 Bronco. The news will come as a surprise to some but be expected by others, as this launch has been anything but predictable. As we reported earlier this week, the supply base and Ford continue to face challenges delivering on the modularity options. Tops continue to be the biggest news-making commodity and have been a cornerstone of the modularity story shared by Ford since the reveal last summer.

Below is a summary of the news being made by Ford today:


  • Updating you today on Bronco conversation rate: We have seen 125,000 customers convert their order from the more than 190,000 Bronco 2-door and 4-door reservations in the U.S. and Canada.
    • 70 percent higher trim series (Badlands, Wildtrak, First Edition, Outer Banks)
    • More than 60 percent + 2.7-liter V6


  • COVID has had an impact to our hardtop roof supplier.
  • The hardtop roof challenges combined with orders of more than 125,000 compounds an already short 2021 model year production schedule and means more customers will get a 2022 model year Bronco.
  • The black painted modular hardtop and dual-top roof options will now move into the 2022 model year.
  • Customers who currently have the black painted modular hardtop or dual top roof selected will have the following options (your MSRP price will be adjusted accordingly):
    • Order the carbonized gray molded-in-color hard top roof
    • Order the black soft top roof; excludes Wildtrak and 2-door
    • Wait for black painted modular hardtop or dual top roof option for 2022 model year
    • Customers will now have until April 8 to work with your dealer to update/modify their order


  • We are sending letters today to thank customers affected by the roof change for their patience.


  • Ford is providing up to 200,000 FordPass Rewards Points (a $1,000 value) which they can use to personalize their Bronco through Ford Accessories (applies to all First Edition and customers who ordered Mod or Dual top roof and switch for 21MY).
  • We are maintaining 2021 model year pricing through the 2022 model year for all order and reservation holders as of March 19 waiting for their Bronco.
  • In addition, 2022 model year customers will have new choices for colors and special editions starting next year.
  • In addition, providing waiting customers a $250 voucher for all order holders as of March 19 deadline for early access to any one of four Bronco Off-Roadeos, so they can get behind the wheel of a Bronco in the wild.

Find us talking about the modular hard tops pushback announcement in the forums.

Download the Bronco Roof Guide


  1. I’m not especially happy about a day one (within a couple hours of the release) order being pushed off until 2022. a $57,000 vehicle shouldn’t be marginalized to a back burner order. If this wasn’t for my wife, I would cancel the order.

    1. It makes sense. More features=more parts. They can’t really control the pandemic. It is ironic the first edition will have the longest delays.

  2. Had 2 reservations in Hawaii. Canceled both due to delays, limited equipment options and dealer price gouging. I can wait until 2023 or beyond when the feeding frenzy abates.

  3. If only that big ship that got stuck in the Suez canal had the Bronco’s Trail Turn Assist, this whole supply chain keruffle could have been avoided 🙂

  4. That awkward moment when a day 1 reserved first edition won’t hit the street a year after a late reservation base model.

  5. It is sad that apparently Ford Marketing did not consider just shipping existing 2021 orders with an installed soft top, and then shipping the Black Painted Hard top to the dealer for installation when they became available down the road, in cases where the purchaser had specified Dual Painted Hard Top with Soft Top Option. this seems like a huge missed opportunity to avoid angst, especially considering the cost of this new Bronco. Shifting my Badlands 4 door to 2022 will likely result in my having to pick another color besides Cyber Orange (likely won’t be available), not to mention it won’t be a first year vehicle anymore, which contributed to me wanting it. It is concerning that they had the order data prior to March 19, but chose to wait until all deposits had been made before sending this notification. without considering this option, they will likely ship my Bronco to a dealership at a time when I’m no longer interested and have been put off about buying a Ford. Sad day.

    1. Yes. I was going to just order the Soft Top, but for some reason Ford cant seem to pre-instsll the rear window wash hose and wiring for the wiper motor and glass defrost . . . Meaning that a future hard top will not have rear window functionality!! Inexplicable! If they can pre-wire the accessory switches for $195, they can certainly pre-install the rear window wires!! That would be such an easy fix.
      Cyber Orange? I finally found a Ranger with Cyber Orange, which I thought i liked, and . . . Its not Orange in the SC sun. Its yellow! Im changing my color.

  6. Shouldn’t a First Edition…Ford’s fully loaded, top of the line, limited production Bronco at the very least, come with a top that looks like it belongs on it. Come on Ford! If you can’t give FE and WT reservation holders an MOD top then at least give us a black MIC, or the option to take delivery with a soft top and then purchase the MOD at a reasonable price in MY22.

  7. As a trucking manager who deals with parts all the time I can tell you Covid is an excuse to cover up other management failures. The real problem is that they picked a manufacturer who was basically incapable of delivering on the order.

    Remember- the ordering and options were set up after, quite after Covid was an established fact.

  8. I thought the black painted tops came standard on the Wildtrak. Now it’s an expensive option. What’s up with that?


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