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Ford Announces the Black Painted Modular Hard Tops are Moving to MY22

Ford Announces the Black Painted Modular Hard Tops are Moving to MY22


By @David #144 

Ford announced today that the black painted modular hard top option for the 2021 Ford Bronco will be delayed to the 2022 model year. The top was announced at the Bronco launch last July but subsequently designated a late availability item last fall. In January, Ford estimated that the top would be available in late summer of 2021. Given today’s news, they were not able to make that timeframe either.  

The announcement comes on the heels of a note to dealers last week notifying them that the sound deadening headliner option would now come standard with all hard tops. As discussed in our forums, initial communications to Bronco Nation that focused on the feature change only called out the mold-in-color (MIC) hard top. However, dealer communications stated the feature would be added to all hard tops, presumably including the modular hard top as well. 

While all Bronco hard tops are modular, the painted modular hard top features removable side windows and a top portal designed to provide rear seat passengers with a more open-air experience. Due to the announced delay, many Bronco enthusiasts –– both in our forums and across the Bronco-sphere –– had already chosen the MIC as their top option in order to ensure the earliest delivery possible.  

Yesterday, we profiled some of the challenges that Ford and top manufacturer Webasto are probably facing. Ramping up a new supplier is always a significant undertaking, COVID hasn’t made anything easier, and this is a completely new product. Today’s news would verify that the challenges are very real, and while Ford is still expecting to deliver Broncos to customers this summer, the feature set of those Broncos will be less than they originally announced.  


  1. This is total BS. They show the Wildtrack with it you fall in Love with it. Then they take it away. Now have to wait another 10 months or more.

  2. So what is the estimate for Est. delivery of the 2021 Wildtrak with the black painted top? March of next year?

    1. So why can’t the MIC top be black? Jeep has it. I work with high end plastics every day. So this should not be a problem.

  3. Having worked in manufacturing through 2020, I can only imagine the complexity of introducing a first-of-its-kind vehicle with all the possible options and then layer that with the COVID-19 induced supply chain issues. I also think the company manufacturing the painted hard tops may be experiencing some quality issues (like their Jeep Wrangler hard tops with freedom panels). I have to admit, I was speaking with my wife about the foolishness of spending nearly $60 grand on the Bronco.

    1. I just talked to my dealership about my FE order today. I wanted duel tops, the black painted and soft top. Too bad says Ford. Now I have to choose between the soft top or the molded in color top. I can’t think of any reason why they couldn’t let me order both even if there was a delay and I received the soft top later. Also my dealer told me that to purchase a soft top later would probably be far more expensive than the cost shown on the order now. I’m actually considering canceling. I figure if they can’t get this stuff straight, what else is going to be screwed up. Might just wait a couple of years to see if they get their act together.

  4. Just got my Ford email. Only offering a MIC top on the FE. No dual top either. Sorry, that does it for me. I’m bowing out…nit spending 76k on a Ford with a plastic roof. We’ll see what colors, options, and trims 22 brings

    1. Better get the MIC top and then the painted top later. If you get a soft top, you can’t convert to a hard top cause lacks some parts for the back window wiper

  5. Absolutely absurd! I was lucky enough to get one of the first 3,500 FE. Then they added another 3,500. Next production was going to begin in late 2020; now next months. In October we were going to be able to get the black hard top in early summer; now no option. The MIC hard tops are hideous! Matter of fact, so are 4 of the 5 FE colors. How can you not offer the best looking colors in FE? There is absolutely no difference in the FE than a loaded Wildtrak, or Badlands other than the exterior striping and a small logo. What’s the point in ordering the FE; any of them now? Why doesn’t Ford just push everything back until they can get their customers what they want? I’m about to bail myself!

  6. That gray plastic looking cheap ass roof is a horrible option hence why I upgraded to the painted modular roof top. WTF FORD??? Are you serious? Covid is a bogus excuse!

  7. We decided to not convert our two reservations as I had a feeling things were going to change and not into our advantage… We are going to see how the 2021 model goes, and MAYBE order for a 2022, but it seems like a better bet to just wait for the 2023. I personally would like as many options as possible.

  8. We are a Ford family, never having any major issues with our 2017 F-150 and 2002 T-Bird. When we discovered that Ford was redeveloping its’ Bronco line, we were very excited. Now to be notified that there will be a delay due to COVID-19 is understandable, but when you decide that you will spend a large amount of money to purchase an item, you’d expect to get the amenities you selected. Sadly, we may cancel.

  9. I agree, this MIC top looks cheap and is the worst of the options available to ford. They could make it available in a soft top with a hard top available later. They could make the MIC top black to match the rest of the trim. They are taking the cheap and lazy way out.

  10. @Ford… so why not stop screwing around with delays and just make all 2021 Broncos a 2022? Blame it on COVID. I mean most new vehicle launches begin in August/September anyway, so what’s another few months? And when we get our 2021 Broncos in late summer, you’re already going to be introducing other 2022 models. I’d rather have what I want, than you deciding for me. My FE can be a 2022, at this point I don’t care.

  11. Third party is going to be more readily available and probably better suited to style. If you are eager to order 2021, then update the order and upgrade down the road.

  12. Im going to be cruising around in my Big Bend MIC 7 speed waving at all these lux fools. Your squatch can kiss my ass!

  13. A year from announcement, after asking for $100 deposit from enthusiasts, no cars still on the street and release dates keep getting bumped back. Colors on website photos don’t even match real colors. White roofs? Oh, those were just a tease. Emails from dealer, dismissive. And these are $60 grand vehicles? Something is very much wrong.


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