The 2021 Ford Bronco overland build that Ford revealed at Super Celebration East this past week has generated quite a bit of buzz with its impressive features and accessories. We wanted to know what the overland community thought of this rig so we reached out to our friend Casey (you can find him in the forum with the username brnc_o_vrlndr), who is an off-road enthusiast and has done many incredible overlanding trips. Casey was in Tennessee this week to check out the Overland Bronco build, and he shared his impressions with us.

1. I love the look of the roof top tent and how low profile it sits on the factory rails and crossbars. A lot of times, those tents stand proud and begin to look a little awkward. The size of the two-person tent is perfect for staying low weight and setting up camp quickly after a long day on the trail.

2. The Picatinny rail is fantastic, and I’m looking forward to using that instead of windshield mounted suction cup holders. It appears that it will be very solid and, paired with the available built in power ports, will keep things secure and organized.

Overland Bronco Cooking

3. The tailgate mounted table and slide out refrigerator combined make for an excellent food prep area. Everything is nicely within reach and readily accessible. The metal panels that surround the cargo area allow the rear seats to fold down but still keep all of your gear secure in the cargo area.

4. According to the Ford reps, the wires controlled by the overhead accessory switches are terminated in common accessory locations. That is great news and means adding lights, or other accessories, won’t also require routing wires and removing a lot of trim to do so. Speaking of accessories, there are a lot of factory mounting locations that can be identified by “Bronco” bolts.

Overland Bronco Switches

5. I was excited to see the mounts on the front of the fenders for using as tie downs, or limb risers, but this Overland build also utilizes them for mounting a CB antenna. The antenna looks great up there and that mounting hardware also opens up other possibilities, such as a flag for going out on the sand dunes.

6. Even though it is a concept, I hope they do provide an option for the blocked out rear side windows like they have in this one. It’s a great idea for keeping your items secure in the back, away from prying eyes, but also, if something happens to come loose in the back, you’re not looking at a broken window. The ideal solution would be a solid removable panel that works with the modular roof.

7. I have been on the fence deciding between leather and marine grade vinyl. After seeing, and feeling, the marine grade vinyl, that is definitely my choice. It has a unique feel that you need to experience first-hand. I also like the fact that I won’t need to worry about damage if the seats get rained on.

There are so many other things that can be said, but there are just a few of the highlights, in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on the Overland Bronco build? What are your favorite options and accessories for the Bronco? Let us know in the forum!

Overland Bronco Storage


  1. I have a little discontent on the conflicted build options when checking the box for Badlands, Sasquatch and 2.7L, which immediately disallows all (ALL) roof options…including noise dampening liner…curious does not begin to explain my emotions there.


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