Exhaust Note Exclusive: The 2022 Bronco Raptor’s Sound

Nov 15, 2021

Bronco Nation recently teased the closest look at the Bronco Raptor seen thus far. And while seeing the close-to-production model answers plenty of questions –– which grille, fenders, and taillights are on the SUV … and are the mirror caps and door handles MIC? –– one big ask comes next. What does the engine sound like?

We have the answer.

Sound On and Volume Up

What Powers the Bronco Raptor?

Rumor has it the Bronco Raptor is receiving a V-6 EcoBoost engine upgraded from the base offering. With an estimated 350 horsepower, you’d expect a throaty rumble –– and in person, the Bronco Raptor delivers.

Is that a V-6 we’re listening to?

To further pinpoint the potential engine, consider these exhaust notes from other products in the Ford stable.

#1. 2021 Raptor
#2. 2021 Mustang GT
#3. 2021 Explorer ST

Finer Details to Come

Teased in a brief IG Reel from Bronco Nation the Bronco Raptor exhaust note is unique. How does the Bronco Raptor exhaust plumbing compare with the stock Bronco exhaust?

For reference, the 2.3L Bronco received a single catalyst and muffler, while the 2.7L Bronco got a double catalyst with single muffler. The vehicles sound good, but some people will always crave an even more aggressive note.

Case in point: At SEMA, a prime place to show off aftermarket accessories, we did a walkaround video of the Tucci Hot Rods Bronco build. On it, the builders placed the Ford Performance cat-back dual exhaust with chrome tips by Borla, a system developed with performance and sound in mind. Dual exhaust, whether in X-, H,- or straight-pipe formation, frees an engine to exhale removing restriction, which, in turn, allows it to handle more volume of air faster. As a result, it also produces a deeper, more aggressive sound.

The F-150 Raptor also uses a dual exhaust system, with an equal-length X-pipe setup, producing a loud and tough sound. Did Ford follow suit with the Bronco Raptor? What current Ford powertrain combination would you like to see Ford replicate on the first Bronco Raptor? Head over to the forums and let us know, and we will pass it along to Ford!

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