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Broncos Needed For A Movie

Broncos Needed For A Movie


By Dusty Rhodes

With the growing popularity of the Bronco, it is no surprise that production houses large and small are looking for new and vintage Broncos to feature in movies. I was recently contacted by a large studio in Hollywood asking for assistance in sourcing three Broncos for an upcoming production. If you have a Bronco that fits the descriptions below, let us know. We will share your pictures and information with the producers. Maybe your Bronco will become famous like the Little Mule!

Little Mule in 1984’s Romancing The Stone
  • Shoot date: June 3rd and 4th
  • Location: Los Angeles (transport costs are not covered)

Vehicles requested:

  1. One Early / Gen 1 (1966-1977) red half cab, good condition and ideally original
  2. One Early / Gen 1 (1966-1977) blue wagon
  3. One Bronco II (1984-1989) ideally similar to this one but not required

Please send pictures of the exterior and interior.

  • Vehicles will be static with little or no movement for the movie.
  • Vehicles are secured on set.
  • Vehicles are insured on set.

If you have any questions or potential vehicles, let us know in an email: social@thebronconation.com.



  1. It is not mine, but there is an original 66 or 67 bronco half cab in Williams Az at a gas station museum. It is all original, non molested.


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