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Bronco Raptor Hand Raiser Orders Due Today

Bronco Raptor Hand Raiser Orders Due Today


Reminder: Today is the last day for Bronco hand raisers –– customers Ford emailed to gauge interest then selected to order –– to get their Bronco Raptor orders in.

Steps to order:

  1. Start on Build & Price. Spec your vehicle the way you want it, from color and wheels to interior choices and exterior graphics.
  2. Next, go over your order with your dealer and agree on terms of sale. Ford has recommended getting a signed purchase agreement: Final price is between you and the dealer. Make sure your order is in by end of day.
  3. Once your order has been placed, wait. Deliveries are scheduled to begin this summer and will continue throughout the remainder of MY22 production.

Changes Since Order Banks Opened

Bronco Raptor order banks opened on March 9, and since then, customers have seen changes: The Standard Raptor Decal is no longer offered, and the Graphic Delete option has become standard.

In a communication sent, Ford said that “The all-new 2022 Bronco Raptor SUV is the ultimate off-road machine and deserves an exterior styling as badass as the terrain it can conquer. That’s why when we saw an opportunity to enhance the widebody look, we took it –– we’ll be removing the standard Raptor Graphic on the rear fenders.”

To compensate for the change, Ford has given customers who ordered the Standard Decal a $100 credit. The Upgraded Raptor Graphic Package ($1,075) is still available, and if customers would like to switch to that, they have until April 8 to make the change.

If you have questions concerning the graphics or were selected for a Bronco Raptor and need to get your order in, contact your dealer.




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