37x12.50 on a Sasquatch

Apr 20, 2024

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Apr 20, 2024

Anyone put 37s on the Roush wheels on a Sasquatch? Looking at Ridge Grapplers. I want to make sure there are no clearance issues.

I want to go back!

Apr 21, 2024

I can only speak for myself. I went with 37x12.5x12.5 with -12 Offset. I used an Eibach 2.5” spring lift to clear the top of the fender (on the street) and the JKS max tire clearance kit. I had to chop the rear crash bar to get full articulation, again on the street.

Off-road is a different story. On whoops and drops the tires are rubbing on the top of the fenders, and turning on tight angles causes the tires to rub on the front crash bars.

So I need a better bump stop and finish the front of the JKS max tire kit and I should be good to go.
HkP7M8, TK1215

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