Bronco Nation Returns the Ford Bronco to Iceland

Aug 15, 2022

For the first time ever, the sixth generation of Bronco has made it to Iceland. Bronco Nation is thrilled to have added this piece to the legendary vehicle’s story.

Why Iceland?

The nation’s otherworldly beauty –– geysers and black sand, waterfalls and lava flows, glaciers and lagoons –– draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Without a doubt, this gorgeous terrain made an epic backdrop for our 2021 Bronco Badlands. But our small team crossed the Atlantic with a goal other than snapping pictures.

We were bringing the Bronco back to a country pivotal in Ford history.

The Country’s Bronco Background

Ford recently announced it would be selling the Bronco in limited numbers to the European market beginning in late 2023.

We decided to get there first.

Iceland has a long-standing past with Bronco. Per capita, more Broncos were sold into Iceland than any other country. The vehicle is well-suited for Iceland’s varying terrain, from deep snow to lava rock, river crossings, and grassy fields. It was the first fully enclosed 4-wheel drive vehicle to be sold there and a great daily driver for winter.

And even though the country received only Gen 1 Broncos (1966-1977), the community is still going strong. In those 11 years, the country took possession of nearly 2,000 Broncos. Many have held up through generations, and many have remained in the same family since new.

A New Chapter – International Enthusiasts

True to Bronco Nation’s purpose of making owning a Bronco easier and more enjoyable, we wanted to meet these people who have loved Bronco for decades and are excited about the newest generation of the iconic vehicle.

We joined in a meetup attended by dozens of welcoming owners and their Broncos: the largest Bronco meetup in the country to date.

It was common to hear stories of trips to the States for off-roading and adventures, from classic Bronco Show ‘n Shine events to the wild ride of King of the Hammers. We even talked with a few locals who made their way to Super Celebration East and met some of the Bronco Nation team there!

And the Bronco Nation became an official member of the Krúser club, a local Icelandic classic car club and museum.

New Destinations – 66°33’

In addition to our meetup, we toured the countryside Bronco was born to be in.

Our three-man crew covered over 1,600 miles and did more than 40 hours of driving, averaging 17 mph over highway, city, and off road.

They touched five different F-roads (stunning access routes to Iceland’s highlands, open only to 4x4 vehicles), took four boats, and were the first 6th Gen Bronco to cross north of 66°33’ in Iceland –– the Arctic Circle.

Watch Our Series to Come

To say we’re eager to return to these enthusiasts and Iceland’s landscape is an understatement. Not to worry –– we have more up our sleeve!

Stay tuned to the Bronco Nation for some incredible footage, details on what it took to plan and execute such an epic trip, and maybe some announcements concerning you.

Excited to see the video footage and hear about what it took to pull off this milestone trip? Talk about it in the Bronco Nation forums!


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