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Bronco Nation Members Host Virtual Block Party

Bronco Nation Members Host Virtual Block Party


We’re two years into the launch of 6th Gen Broncos and Bronco Nation, and today, July 13, members are celebrating by hosting an online party.

Head to the forums for an Easter egg challenge, then stay for a virtual get-together. The winner of the Easter egg challenge will take home the grand prize of a Bronco-inspired vintage Coleman lantern.

Additional giveaways are planned, including a $50 gift card to the BN store and more.

The Backstory

For months now, community members in the “Officially Unofficial Build Email Libations Game” thread –– where Bronco order holders hang out while waiting for word on VINs and delivery –– have been plotting some fun, painting a billboard filled with Easter eggs, and planning some giveaways as well as an evening video chat.

Many people have participated in setting up this event, including @BroncOitis, @Deano Bronc, @ResidualGenius, @14U, and @Jae22280.

Two of these members taking the lead, @14U and @ResidualGenius, even recently met up in person for the first time to hand off the billboard at a small pub outside the Denver Broncos stadium.

The whole purpose for this event was to bring together the community that many of us hold membership to and count as good friends. Hints for today’s initiative have been dropping since our last online meetup, the Virtual Car Show. The member-led group is dedicated to developing genuine Bronco culture and would like to see these online events take off in the Nation … it’s great to hang out together but difficult to make it to all the in-person events.

The Challenge

A main portion of today’s event is the Easter egg challenge. The billboard painting was revealed to the community this morning in the thread Steel & Stirrups.

You are all invited to search over it for an undisclosed number of Bronco-related Easter eggs. Some may be more obvious than others! @14U posted clues to all of them earlier this week in the crew’s other thread –– so go back a few pages and find his teasers if you didn’t screenshot them earlier. He only posted them once, so to be fair to the dedicated, I won’t link to them directly.

The first person to guess all Easter eggs correctly wins. You must make all your guesses in the same post, and it can’t be edited to keep an earlier time stamp. Enter your guesses in this thread, but wait until @14U gives the green light!

The Prizes

The winner of the Easter egg challenge will receive a classic 76 or custom 73 Coleman lantern converted to an electric dual lamp with 110 outlet. Choose the classic 1976 look that we all grew up with or venture out with the 1973 with a more custom color.

There is also a $50 BN gift card up for grabs. Simply interact with the first post in the Steel & Stirrup thread to be entered. One person will be selected at random six days from now (in honor of the six generations of Bronco) on July 19th.

The community has planned some additional handouts and giveaways, so make sure you’re watching for those.

The Meetup

Finally, join us online for a video chat among the community –– all are welcome! The next online event happens Thursday, August 11 … stay active in the forums for coming information on that one!

Start your search, and make your guesses when it’s time!



  1. Just bought a 2021 Bronco, wildtrak sasquatch 37” tires. New to offroad. Looking forward to learning and wheeling!


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