Bronco Nation at Moab 4x4 Safari 2022 Recap Video

May 03, 2022

The Nation, Together

Recently, Bronco Nation was able to host our second Basecamp with the Ford Bronco team. Moab 4x4 Safari was a combination of wild trails, scenic rides, campfire meetups, community stewardship, and a whole lot of fun with friends. If you think you love Bronco now, wait until you experience your vehicle in a group setting like this.

I’ll speak for the BN team when I say that seeing familiar faces and adding new ones with each event is the best part of the Bronco Basecamp experience. Whether you arrive solo or in a group, you’ll leave with a little more family –– and those relationships can help you build a better Bronco, find excellent places to wheel, and give you some of the best memories of your year.

Always More to Come

From the special-edition Broncos, a sunset ride with the Fun-Haver team, and a campfire Q&A with Rebelle Rally winner Melissa Fischer, to the many miles of trail rides together and volunteer efforts with Sons of Smoky, Bronco Basecamp at Moab 4x4 Safari can’t be duplicated. But count on an equally amazing adventure happening the next time we are all meet up again.

We can’t wait for you to join us at our next event!


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