Coachman has new CLIPPER-TRAVEL-TRAILERS 15CBH 3K SERIES can the 2.3L Bronco tow it

Apr 01, 2023

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Apr 01, 2023

Well we are going on the road again. East Coast to Rocky Mountains. Had 5G with 23 foot trailer $3000 , then used New Expedition. Only issue with Bronco 5G was rear tongue weight. Towed fine.

Now 6G 2.3L has half of cylinders, but more torque than old v8 but is limited to 3500 due to rearend 210.
Has 3.53 rear just like two Expeditions 5.4l.

Attached is the new Coachman Ckipper 17 feet overall and 2800 vehicle weight and can carry 1100 pounds in water gear etc. So keep 27 gallons of water off while driving say 250 pounds saved so we are under 3500. Tow hitch was upgraded to class 3 or 4500 but bumper four bolts not frame and may require weight distribution more weight. Food buy at town near campsites. WalMart Super grandson has discount card.

So has any member gone to the 3500 pound limit? If so what engine?

Started with tents, the travel trailers, Coachman diesel class A then 36 ft diesel pusher, since heartland highways very windy and no issue with pushers vs gas smaller Winnebago. Any help?
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