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Bronco Excursions at Overland Expo Pacific Northwest

Bronco Excursions at Overland Expo Pacific Northwest


We are less than a month away from Bronco Basecamp at Overland Expo Pacific Northwest! Recently, Jordan and David headed out to Redmond, Oregon to scout the area and find some great Bronco excursions for those of you attending. Whether you’re a hardcore off-roader, chill cruiser, or like a little of both, we’ve got two excursion choices that will give you a great time.

Excursion 1: Off-Roading at Cline Buttes OHV Area 

Maintained by the Bureau of Land Management, the Cline Buttes OHV area offers great trails for beginners and experts alike, and it is 20 minutes away from Basecamp. Make sure to bring plenty of water and food for your party as the OHV area has no services onsite. Primitive restrooms are onsite at the Barr Road staging area, just off Highway 126. 

Cline Buttes includes easy-to-difficult trails and play areas featuring technical rock crawling and obstacles. Trail 34 is the most technical trail on the site and should put fully spec’d Broncos through their paces. Portions of the park feature great views of the Sisters range.  

The Bronco Nation team will be escorting attendees from Basecamp to Cline Buttes on Saturday and Sunday at 10AM. Bronco Nation members that are not attending the expo can meet us at the Barr Road staging area at 10:30. For more information on what to expect at Cline Buttes, see the links below.  

Visit our Calendar of Events to sign up for Cline Buttes.

Excursion 2: Sisters High Country Tour 

Our second excursion offering is a tour through the Sisters high country. Leaving Basecamp at 9AM on Saturday and Sunday, we’ll pick up Bronco Nation members that are not attending the expo at the Umatilla Sports Complex staging area at 9:30. We’ll head to the top of McKenzie Pass to check out the Dee Wright Observatory together. This lava rock structure was completed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1935 and offers panoramic views of the Cascade Range and many nearby ancient lava flows.   

From the pass, we’ll head down to explore the Deschuttes National Forest. A scenic trail to Round Lake won’t impress your Bronco but will give you an appreciation for the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. From there, we’ll head to Camp Sherman to stock up at the Camp Sherman store before checking out the Wizard Falls State Fish Hatchery on the Metolius River.  

The store at Camp Sherman is well-supplied with both snacks and stocks some excellent camping gear as well. The fish hatchery gives you a chance to see some rainbow trout and kokanee salmon and has food dispensers for kids (and adults) that want to feed the fish.

The final stop on the tour is the town of Sisters, OR. This beautiful mountain town has great coffee shops (this is the Pacific Northwest after all), bakeries, and parks. Kids can enjoy the great playground at the Village Green City Park while others go and grab coffee and baked goods from Sisters Coffee Company just two blocks down from the park.  

Sisters will be our end point for the tour, attendees will be free to head back to Basecamp or head out on their own adventures.   

Dee Wright Observatory  

Camp Sherman

Wizard Falls Hatchery  

Sisters Oregon  

Visit our Calendar of Events to sign up for Sisters High Country Tour.



    1. Hi Jean-Paul, right now, the only way to attend Basecamp is by going through Overland Expo, since we’ll be camping inside their property. Additionally, we are looking into a day pass option so others can hang out without having to camp.


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