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Bronco Community Holly Oaks Meetup Recap

Bronco Community Holly Oaks Meetup Recap


This past Sunday, December 12, Bronco Nation members met up with others at Michigan’s Holly Oaks ORV Park. BN member @Mattwings organized the event, and a good crowd of Bronco owners showed up, from experienced off-roaders to those just getting started.

Excitement was high in the lead-up to the event, with some friendly ribbing on how well Broncos would perform … even from those not attending. “This is what I get for not coming here since I got my Bronco … been out driving it too much to get online at all!!!” said @HoosierDaddy, who saw the invitation too late to alter prior plans. “To think how bad I’d shame a lot of you with my simple little Base,” he furthered, ending his comment with a frowning emoji.

Those who did get to make it out were all smiles, and the approximately 20 Bronco owners present came from multiple states and multiple forums. Follow the linked usernames to see shots from @Yeet, @alyd09, @Alpha1_Silverback, and @Vellicate –– as well as even more pictures from those in attendance here on Bronco6G.

If you missed out on this one, don’t worry — more member meetups are being planned all across the Nation, including an upcoming New Year’s Eve ride. Pop yours on the calendar any time you go out, and use the automated tool to invite others in the area. Off-roading’s always fun, but adding friends makes it better. We’ll see you on the trails!



  1. Looks like fun! Was wishing to attend from across the pond in the Milwaukee area, but alas no Bronco yet. GOOD NEWS though I got the call from my dealer Monday that my Bronco is in! Heading in Saturday to pick it up from the dealer. If there is another get together within a reasonable drive from Milwaukee I am all in. Love to find some Bronco owners in the Greater Milwaukee area.


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