1 Five 1 Garage Badlands Build

1Five1 Garage
Mar 28, 2022

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Mar 28, 2022

This is my wife's build and I will be updating as my continue modifications.

She will be doing most of the modifications herself with my assistance as needed.



The Bronco Big Bend & the Bronco Sport Badlands both got stainless steel hood struts from Redline Tuning. The Bronco Badlands is getting the same struts, just not from the Redline Tuning company.

The struts Jill will be putting on are stainless steel (same as the others), they are max lift (same as Big Bend), and will give you about 6" of extra clearance room which is great if you work under the hood. The stainless steel is because of where we live. Florida is a very salty place (water, air, rain, sand - everything). The product link is below.

It's still advised to keep the prop rod as a back up. Even struts can fail, so you will need a way to keep the hood up securely.

Let us know what you think and drop a comment down below.

See you on the next one! Bye!
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May 27, 2022



Our Bronco Badlands is the only one with the MIC top on it. This being said, we decided to put the Dynamat on this one to see if it makes it quieter. Because we have 2 convertibles, there is only so much you can do to keep the noise levels down.

Dynamat reached out to us some time back and sent us some cut out kits for the 2021 Bronco. We sincerely apologize for taking a long time, but we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to use the product and try it out. We decided now is the time to get this done, so we started with the cargo area. The video previous to this one showed how to remove the cargo panels. Once the panels are removed, it's just a matter of peel and stick :)

As always, we hope you enjoyed the video. Please like, subscribe (we have a 3K Subscriber Giveaway coming up!), drop a comment, and hit the notification bells and make sure notifications are one.

See you on the next one! Bye!
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May 30, 2022


In today's video, we will be removing all four door panels. We used the panel tool removal kit to take the panels off. We will be installing Dynamat in the second video. The panels aren't too difficult to remove, be mindful there are bolts sticking out on some of the doors. We used socks to cover the rear door handles to protect it from being scratched by said bolts. The front door, we connected the wire to the handle to keep them from being damaged.

The clear shield will have to be removed and IF you do it carefully, you can reuse it together.

As always, we hope you enjoyed the video.

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Jun 01, 2022


We installed the next stage of sound deadening for the Badlands.
Deano Bronc, ChuckO

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Jun 04, 2022

Great stuff! How much did it improve the quietness of the Bronco?

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Jun 23, 2022

Great stuff! How much did it improve the quietness of the Bronco?

Ironically, we still have it torn apart. We are getting the seatbelts re-webbed with orange webbing.
Deano Bronc

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Jun 23, 2022

Probably the best mod for Jill's Badlands.

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Jun 23, 2022

Probably the best mod for Jill's Badlands.

Thank You…
Tasteful,Classic,Iconic & Heartfelt.
In my opinion,
Everything that Bronco culture should be .
Hands down the most important video you have made.
“A tip of the hat from Oklahoma sir “
Well Done.
Deano Bronc, 1Five1 Garage and 1 other

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