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Jan 25, 2023

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Jan 25, 2023

Hey everyone!
I just purchased a 2022 4-door Wildtrak in early December, and I have been planning out my next couple of mods. At this point, I have only added DV8's rock sliders. I'm planning on adding skid plates, a bumper, and potentially some rooftop gear. When I mentioned this to my friend, he said I should pay attention to the weight capacity of my springs to avoid loading them down too much. This is my first off-road vehicle, so I'm quite new to the community. I realized I knew a lot less than I thought about modding, but I couldn't find the weight capacity of the sasquatch springs anywhere.

Does anyone know how much weight I can add to the stock sasquatch springs before I should think about upgrading? Also, if I needed to upgrade the springs, what size/brand recommendations might you all have?

Thanks! Here are a couple of shots of the new bronco...

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Jan 25, 2023

The vehicle's cargo GVWR / cargo rating is essentially what the factory springs are rated for to maintain "safe" operation. I think on the Wildtrak is somewhere around 1000 lbs cargo, but check the sticker on your door jam.

If you go beyond that, then yeah you'll have to start considering suspension upgrades.
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Jan 25, 2023

2022 Ford Bronco Tech Specs

Here's a link to the Bronco Tech Specs for just about anything you want/need to know.
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Jan 25, 2023

Something else to know is this applies to all vehicles, not just 4x4 vehicles or Broncos. If you drive a Honda Civic, the GVWR might be 3,900 lbs (just a WAG), so the total cargo including passengers would be about 1,000 lbs. If you overload your Civic, it won't perform as designed, just like the Bronco, or the Wrangler, or the Carerra.

You can never increase the vehicle GVWR, but most people don't care. You can buy springs rated to carry heavier weight, and it will, but it won't ever increase the GVWR.

I like to know what tire size will be used, the weight or load, and then choose springs to carry that load at a height that allows room for that tire. So, if you load up your rig and it "squats" two inches and the tires rub, I would look to lift it a maximum of two inches; to the point it doesn't rub, or only rubs a minor amount. I'm not afraid of the rub, if it's not catching on parts, so I would always choose to lift it the minimum amount necessary to clear the tires I want to run, carrying the weight I need to carry.
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