Self installed Thule cross bars

Apr 08, 2021

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Apr 08, 2021

I wasn't digging that the factory cross bars by Yakima didn't lock... so I am trying a Thule set up as well.
The factory "Yakima" bars were $340 installed.
This set up was a bit more expensive. The bars were $220, the foot pack was another $220 and I paid $80 for 6 locks with the same key. They did have a 4 pack for $60. The installation was a bit more tedious than the factory Yakima's, having to center, measure, remeasure, then recenter everything while getting up and down the step stool did get old. But it wasn't hard by any means.
Honestly, I prefer the look of the factory Yakimas, but the fact that they don't have locks is just too much for me to look past. With this set up I was able to place the crossbars anywhere along the track I liked as well, as long as I maintain 24 inches between the rails. which I thought was pretty cool.

Side note; I will be selling the Factory Yakimas if anyone is interested. :)

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Apr 08, 2021

Nice setup! Like yourself I had a need for lockable crossbars and found Thule was a good option. For those with similar needs, Thule is an option to consider.

Thule Crossbars.jpg

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Jul 07, 2022

I went with the Thule, and just added the Vortex Signs Graphic on the lower door panels, the Thule low profile is nice. BroncoSport VortexSigns.jpgVortex Signs graphic on the lower door panels.
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