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4 Wheel Parts’ Rebelle Rally Team Finishes With Strong Standing

4 Wheel Parts’ Rebelle Rally Team Finishes With Strong Standing

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“The Belles,” 4 Wheel Parts‘ Kathryn Reinhardt, director of retail marketing, and Tori Bundrant, event coordinator, recently completed the 1,400 mile Rebelle Rally in a 4WP-outfitted 2021 Ford Bronco. The company is excited to announce that their team finished 21st out of 42 in the 4X4 Class with 52 total vehicles. Additionally, within Group B, their team won Day 5 and Day 7 for total points.

“When you sign up to participate in the Rebelle Rally for the first time, you really have no idea what it really takes to get your team and your vehicle through the 2,500 kilometers of terrain across the Nevada and California desert to the finish line,” said Kathryn. “It’s one of the hardest things I have ever done. It’s physically exhausting, mentally fatiguing, and strategically grueling. The 4:45 a.m. wake-up calls, plotting tricky coordinates on paper maps, driving on faint off-road trails, and strategically deciding what you can accomplish in 10 hours. It’s incredible to think 104 women from all over the world accomplish this every year.”

The 2021 race conditions encompassed rain, snow, 40+ mph winds, extreme colds, 95-degree heat, and white-out wind storms where the navigators had zero vision into the surrounding terrain.

“During the rally we have no access to GPS or cell phones,” said Kathryn. “Instead, we use 10+ paper maps with a variety of scales, headings, distances, and coordinates and had to plot over 150 checkpoints over the 8-day period. As a navigator, it really made me realize how reliant we are on GPS and cell phones every day.”

However, Kathryn and Tori were prepared. Prior to the race, they had trained, practiced, and pre-ran a variety of terrains to get themselves ready. Their vehicle was likewise equipped for the task, holding up to the severe weather and terrain. The 2021 Ford Bronco was outfitted with 4WP Factory products and featured sponsors including Mickey Thompson, Method, ARB, Smittybilt, HeatWave, and Rigid.

If you’d like to know more about the 4WP’s experience at the Rebelle Rally, watch The Road to Rebelle training video, and for more on what 4WP will be doing next (hint: SEMA), follow along at the Bronco Nation, your 2021 SEMA Bronco Headquarters –– complete with live reveals.


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