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2022 Bronco Raptor –– What Do I Need to Do and When Can I Get One?

2022 Bronco Raptor –– What Do I Need to Do and When Can I Get One?


When the community talks about Bronco Raptor, these ordering and production questions usually come up:

  • How much will the Bronco Raptor cost?
  • How can I order a Bronco Raptor?
  • When do order banks open and when will Bronco Raptors be produced?

Now that the new MY22 vehicle has made its debut, let’s get right into answering these.

How much will the Bronco Raptor cost?

The Bronco Raptor will start at $69,995, including the $1,495 destination and delivery fee –– a few thousand more than both the starting price of the MY21 4-door First Edition Bronco ($63,500) and the MY22 F-150 Raptor ($65,375), neither of which including destination/delivery.

Bronco Raptor comes standard with the High package, and can come with Lux. There are two leather interior choices, and it can be optioned with the Carbon Fiber package, Code Orange seatbelts, and 17-inch Magnetic low-gloss alloy painted beadlock-capable cast aluminum or 17-inch Dark Carbonized Gray alloy painted beadlock-capable forged wheels.

Watch Bronco Nation for the upcoming order guide and news on when Build & Price will be updated.

How can I order a Bronco Raptor?

Ford is giving priority to reservation holders and unconverted order holders. The majority of MY22 Bronco Raptors will go to this group, based on original reservation timestamp. As early as Monday, Ford will be sending out emails to these customers, asking if they are interested in ordering a Bronco Raptor.

Do remember that Ford has called this a limited-edition model, and with half a year of production supporting it, it will be difficult to get in on during its first year.

When do order banks open and will Bronco Raptors be produced?

Order banks open in March, and Bronco Raptors will be produced and delivered in the summer.

Get Ready

We know there will be questions unanswered here and clarification needed. Tonight, join the Bronco Nation for a 7 p.m. EST livestream with Ford. We’ll be showing yet-to-be-seen Bronco Raptor video footage, too!

Talk about it: the 2022 Bronco Raptor debut master thread



  1. Hello

    If you are a dealer and want to sell me this at MSRP and do business on the West Coast, get at me! This would be my best anniversary gift to my wife ever. Thanks for reading!

    1. Team ford in las vegas will take orders , not sure on the first allocations and usually all customer orders placed and waited for they will do msrp . I got both my first editions there at MSRP call and ask for chad rankens to confirm msrp once banks open up

  2. Good luck, I would add a couple years to whatever time-line ford is announcing. They are still not able to finish delivery of 2021 models!

    1. I would love to convert my order which was placed last year with no build date as of yet due to the motor and top also my color was dropped which really disappointed me “Metallic Red” does any one know why?


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