2021 Ford Bronco Rear Fender Removal | Bronco How-to

Jan 11, 2022

Ford designed the all-new Bronco to be extremely modular, and the body panels are no exception. If you want to swap a front or rear fender due to damage or for customization, you can have the part off in minutes.

Bronco Nation member Jon Melton, of Nashville Early Bronco, walks you through the steps of taking off a rear fender in this video. Be sure to check out our front fender removal video as well, and subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss more upcoming how-to videos!

Rear Fender Removal Steps

  1. Turn the five quarter-turn clips to remove the fender flare.
  2. Pull the flare off.
  3. Open the tailgate and remove the two screws and three pushpins. Back out one final screw at the top to be able to pull off the door molding.
  4. In the wheel well, remove the pushpin holding the splashshield to the fender.
  5. Remove the fascia under the taillight housing.
  6. Two bolts hold the fascia bracket. Remove those, and take the bracket off.
  7. Loosen the Blind Spot Monitor by taking out the bolts holding it to the body, and take care as you work around the part.
  8. Remove the two pushpins holding the door molding in place.
  9. Remove the 11 bolts holding the fender on.
  10. Separate the fender from the body.

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