2021 Ford Bronco Fuel Economy Ratings

May 11, 2021

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Bronco Nation has received an advanced copy of the fuel economy ratings for the 2021 Broncos. Depending on your engine, transmission, and trim, all-new Bronco owners can expect a combined – gulp - 17-21 MPG. Ford vehicles are notoriously heavy, and the Bronco, built on the Ranger platform, is no exception. 2.3L and 7- or 10-SPD As you’d expect, the best performing models are equipped with the 2.3L, 4 CYL engine and 10-speed automatic transmission as well as the 2.3L, 4 CYL engine and 7-speed manual transmission, both with a combined 21 MPG. This average will, of course, raise or drop per trim and packages applied. 2.7L Owners of the 2.7L, 6 CYL engine, which can only be paired with the 10-speed automatic trans, can expect to see a combined 19 MPG. FE Labels (MPG)
City Hwy Comb
2.3L Auto General (Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks) 20 22 21
2.3L Auto Black Diamond (non-Sasquatch) 18 18 18
2.3L Auto Sasquatch 18 18 18
2.3L Auto Badlands 18 17 17
2.3L Manual General (Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks) 20 22 21
2.3L Manual Black Diamond 17 19 18
2.3L Manual Badlands 16 18 17
2.7L Auto General (Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks, non-Sasquatch Black Diamond) 18 20 19
2.7L Auto Sasquatch (every trim w/ Sasquatch package) 17 17 17
2.7L Auto Badlands (non-Sasquatch) 17 18 17
The 2.3L manual transmission is currently offered without an option for the Sasquatch package, but it will be introduced later, and the fuel economy will likely follow the same pattern as the 2.3L automatic transmission with Sasquatch. Typical MPG of the Class The 2021 Bronco numbers, while expected by some, may be more uncomfortable to those used to, well, higher figures. However, compared to a vehicle in its class, the Jeep Wrangler, these numbers are pretty typical. Still, the Bronco is outperformed.
Jeep Wrangler City Hwy Comb
2.0L Auto 2-dr 22 24 23
2.0L Auto 4-dr 21 24 22
3.6L Auto 2-dr 20 24 21
3.6L Auto 4-dr 19 24 21
3.6L Manual 2-dr 17 25 20
3.6L Manual 4-dr 17 23 19
Bronco’s Weight vs. Competition When it comes to gas mileage, vehicle weight matters, and even 100 pounds of additional weight can make a noticeable difference in economy. Broadly compare the curb weight (when the vehicle is empty) of the Bronco to that of the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, while remembering the vehicles have different armor, powertrains, and features:
Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 3.6L, 6-SPD manual
Curb Weight GVWR
2-dr 4,449 lbs 5,350 lbs.
4-dr 5,222 lbs 5,800 lbs.
Looking at the curb weight of the Bronco by trim and powertrain below will begin to tell you why the fuel economy is challenged. This is one robust (aka heavy) vehicle. 2021 Ford Bronco Curb Weight by Trim Is the Bronco Worth the Low FE? With its powertrain built for off-road applications and an engine that passes truck durability ratings the 2021 Bronco is proving to be a thirsty utility. The fuel economy numbers may be disappointing for some and plain awful to others. Even still, this vehicle, with its higher prices at higher trims, is targeted toward people with room in their budget for fuel, fun, and modifications. Our bet? Even consumers unhappy with the MPGs now will forget some of the pain at the pump once they encounter the capability and smiles per mile of the all-new Bronco.


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