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2021 Ford Bronco Front Stabilizer Bar Disconnection | How-To

2021 Ford Bronco Front Stabilizer Bar Disconnection | How-To


Ford recently released a how-to article demonstrating step-by-step how to disconnect your front stabilizer bar for Broncos equipped with the option. Read the article’s summary here, and easily access your 2021 Ford Bronco’s owner’s manual from your Sync 4 infotainment screen for additional how-to topics.

Brad Lovell is a legend in the Bronco community. Being thus, when you ask the pro racer who had a hand in the 2021 vehicle’s development and testing what his favorite feature of the Bronco is, and he says the stabilizer bar disconnect, you better believe it is good.

IFS + Stabilizer Bar Disconnect: A Great Combo

I recently got the chance to sit shotgun as Brad took a Bronco through the Fun-Haver course at Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas. Given that the professional drivers take you from start to finish in under two minutes, I had to talk fast. After expressing my excitement to ride with him, I went right for the meat: What does he like most about the all-new Bronco, and why?

Brad was ready with an answer: the stabilizer bar disconnect option. As we launched over what would have been bone-rattling bumps in other SUVs –– but barely phased us as occupants of the Bronco thanks to the independent front suspension –– his reasoning was especially timely.

“What the sta-bar disconnect allows on the Bronco is the comfort of IFS with articulation. I think it really makes the Bronco.”

Why You Want the Feature

Articulation is incredibly important in off-roading adventures. You want as many wheels on the ground as possible for traction and safety while still having the ability to go over the obstacles in front of you. Disconnecting the sway bar is an easy way to increase your range.

Broncos with Sta-Bar Disconnect

As mentioned, not all Broncos have this hero function. Wildtrak, notably, for a higher trim level, does not, due to its Baja-focused use. The feature is standard on Badlands and the First Edition, however.

How to Disconnect the Stabilizer Bar on the Bronco

Disconnecting the sway bar on the Bronco is easy: A simple push of the button located on the dash with the other hero switches is all it takes. A few notes on this:

  • You can only use the option in 4H or 4L, with your Bronco traveling below 20 mph. Above 20, the bar will automatically reconnect, and standby mode will be activated –– meaning, if you go below 20, the bar will again disconnect.
  • If you’re in the G.O.A.T. mode of Rock Crawl, the bar will automatically disconnect.
  • Reconnecting the bar is equally as easy: Push the button, select a G.O.A.T mode that doesn’t use the sta-bar disconnect, or turn off the engine.


  1. Pretty disappointing article…who wouldn’t figure out pushing the button? The title led me to believe it was a how-to to manually disconnect the sway bar. I guess I’ll figure that out one day when I get my Bronco. 371 days and counting…

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Soupcook — it does seem obvious, especially for those who have been following the 2021 Bronco since launch, but there is a lot of tech for those new to it, so I can see why Ford included it in the How-To series. Tell me more on your plans to manually disconnect?

    1. My understanding is with the Rubicon you have to have the sway bar unloaded (flat ground) to disconnect it via pushbutton. Bronco can be disconnected under full load/articulation.


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