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2021 Ford Bronco Door Removal and Installation | How-To

2021 Ford Bronco Door Removal and Installation | How-To


Ford recently released a how-to video and article demonstrating step-by-step how to remove, store, and install the Bronco’s doors. Watch the video here, and easily access your 2021 Ford Bronco’s owner’s manual from your Sync 4 infotainment screen for additional how-to topics.

Part of the Bronco’s allure is the ability to remove the roof and doors, and Ford’s made it easy to do so. First, there’s an included toolkit with exactly what you need to pull off the doors: Two fender protectors, one alignment pin, and a ratchet with 13mm socket. You can store the bolts in the kit, and if you ever lose one, they are replaceable from any hardware store.

Door Weights

  • 2-door: Total 124 lbs.
    Driver: 62 lbs.
    Passenger: 62 lbs.
  • 4-door: Total 198 lbs.
    Driver: 55 lbs.
    Front Passenger: 55 lbs.
    Left Rear: 44 lbs.
    Right Rear: 44 lbs.

Removal process

  1. Turn on the vehicle’s accessory mode.
  2. Lower the windows completely.
  3. Turn off the ignition.
  4. Fold back the mirrors.
  5. Open the door.
  6. Use the fender and door protectors.
  7. Lift the wired connector’s door and undo the connection.
  8. Place the door storage bag on the door.
  9. Remove the lower hinge bolt and then the upper hinge bolt.
  10. Lift the door vertically from the lift point and door handle.
  11. Zip your door bag shut and store it.

Next, store your doors. Use the optional door storage bags to keep them safe from damage. All four doors can be stored in the cargo space of the 4-door Bronco. Store your 2-door Bronco’s doors at home, due to their length.

Installing your doors is a simple reverse of the removal process. Go slow, use the fender protectors to save your paint, and tighten everything down well. Ford purposely built in an audible warning to keep you from driving off with something loose. The door will make a ratcheting noise as you open and close it until the bolts are properly tightened.

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