2021 Ford Bronco Bestop Fastback Soft Top Operation

Apr 09, 2021

By @Laura #1976

In this video, Bronco’s Esteban and Bronco Nation’s Matt walk us through the operation of the Bestop soft top, an accessory you can find in the Ford catalog. The top is available for both 2- and 4-door models. You can choose from two materials: a twill cloth version, or a vinyl that clocks in at a slightly lower price point.

The Bestop’s most noticeable difference from the factory soft top’s design is the Fastback style.

To operate the Bestop soft top on your Bronco:

1. Open the tailgate.

2. Remove the back panel of the top by flipping up roof’s edge. Then, pull up on the bottom and out on the sides. Slide the back panel out of the track.

3. Remove the side panels. Starting on either the right or left side of your vehicle, release the clips at the rear. Slide the bottom of the panel out. Undo the Velcro at the top and slide the top of the panel out. Repeat on the same steps to remove the panel on the other side of the vehicle.

4. Release the top’s latches inside the vehicle. To do so, fold the driver and passenger visors down. Release the Bestop latches (which fit into the factory latch receivers).

5. Once the latches are released, pick up the top and fold it back.


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