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2021 Ford Bronco Base Walk-Around

2021 Ford Bronco Base Walk-Around


By @Laura

One of the biggest perceived barriers to getting off the pavement and onto the “insert landscape of your choice” is the vehicle you are driving. Capability is a concern many of us have had, especially when transitioning to an unfamiliar vehicle or terrain. Your buddies will brush off damage (“It’ll buff out.”), but who really wants to get stuck –– or worse?

Until my first true trip off-road in my friend’s Wrangler, my own experiences were limited. At the time, my Jeep was an ‘89 Cherokee, and it was stock –– unless you count the previous owner’s… let’s call it creative … wiring jobs. Even though I had my dad’s old off-roading how-to books and a good amount of common sense, I felt like it was best to stick to the asphalt.

My name’s Laura, and I recently joined Bronco Nation as a content contributor. You’ll be hearing more about my background in off-roading, outdoor adventure, and the switch from Jeeps in the coming days. But until then, label me as a newbie Bronco enthusiast with a traditionalist bent on the way to her new vehicle choice.

So back to vehicle capabilities, and specifically, the 2021 Ford Bronco Base model. It’s the one that many of us are comparing against the other Bronco models — but is it enough to have some serious experiences off-road? Yes, 100%. And there are other pluses, as well.

  • Price: The Base is the most cost-effective way to get into the 2021 Bronco family. Starting at $28,500, the 2-Door model isn’t a crazy spend, with no sacrifice in style or capability.
  • Interior: One of my Jeeps has power windows and locks, but I prefer the crank windows and manual locks on my other Jeep. As long as my arm works, they will work. While the Base interior does have power features, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like heated seats. To lots of people, that’s not a big deal, and actually, they enjoy it as it means less to go wrong.
  • Exterior: Fans of the Base like its old-school, stripped-down, bare-bones look — especially the 16” steelies. It feels the most reminiscent of the iconic body style from the previous generations of Broncos.

Some negatives of the Base, if you can even call them that, include:

  • Price: Yes, it’s a blessing and a curse. If you get the Sasquatch package ($4,995) and nothing else, you’re looking at close to $38k, which translates to a monthly payment of around $700. Start upgrading with Ford or on your own, and you’re getting into a sizeable situation.
  • Tow Package: There isn’t one. But you can add your own.
  • MPG: Outside the loyalist community, it’s very common for people to ask about the gas mileage. Inside the community, I think we all know we don’t buy our off-roading vehicles with the hopes of doing better at the pump. Ford has yet to release the exact figures for the Bronco models, but given the Base’s size and Sasquatch-package 35” tires, it probably will not be class-leading.


  1. Right now I have the sport and a lot of people talking about mpg in the group and I told someone I usually drive in the sport mode unless I go off the asphalt, they were saying drive it normal or eco I told them I didn’t buy it for the mpg. I bought it to drive it how I like to drive, I chose and built our big one the way we want to drive. Which I am glad to see the build your bronco site,because it’s your bronco.

    1. Thanks for reading, @Bucktown. Yes, the site is an excellent way to play with all the options as you make it your own. Glad you’re enjoying your Bronco!

  2. It’s a shame that Ford makes it look like Sasquatch is only $4,995. Technically they aren’t wrong, but you’re then forced into added money for the 10spd Automatic Transmission, and then additional money for Advanced 4×4, so Sasquatch ends up actually costing $7,385. If Sasquatch requires those items, it should be reflected as a true cost. They also don’t properly break down the costs in the Price Summary on the Build and Price Configuration page. Seems like they just hit you with a final price and hope it gets overlooked. I hope they fix that for future buyers, with the next update.

    1. Yes, @GTODDC5, that’s a valid point and one I had to double-check on when writing, how my figures climbed. It gets much more expensive fast.

  3. Thank You.
    I find these walk around videos very helpful.
    Not just for the interior options, but as a good reference for exterior height/stance of the trucks. I’m interested in all of the different builds, not just mine. I really like to see what our family will look like.
    Thanks Again,
    14U- One For You !.

  4. Thank you,
    Asking for a friend. Could you all do tire swaps on the Base Non-squacthed and show how 33″ and 35″ look. Explain if the front and rear crash bars need to be removed. And maybe show a couple of off sets to show how far or in the wheels show against standard fenders. No more Bandlands or Sasquatch tire and rim images please. Just the Base condition.


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