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YouTubers Showing Up for Bronco in Moab

YouTubers Showing Up for Bronco in Moab


By @David #144

The Bronco Rides in Moab brought some great content creators out of the woodwork to practice their craft out at the Bronco booth. Notable names like Trail Recon and Matt’s Off-Road Recovery were spotted however, at the time of writing, hadn’t released any content on what they thought of the new open-air 4×4. Other creators have turned and burned some great videos, and we’re here to make sure that you know about them.

First off, Justin B. McBride did a walk through the Bronco booth and profiled the new builds from 4WP, ARB, and RTR. He also attended a Hell’s Revenge run with the new Bronco builds and has said that there will be videos coming on that experience. Here’s his first video on his time in Moab with Broncos:

Second, Chase Gentry of the adventure.ovrlnd IG page also put together a video on his ride with Vaughn Gittin Jr. The vid, which includes interior and exterior shots of Broncos getting after it, features Vaughn discussing his involvement with the Bronco project and Gentry’s reactions to the demonstration.

Finally, Bronco Nation member Allan Muhlach posted a video featuring friend of the Nation, Brad Lovell giving some commentary on Bronco development and how he thinks it compares with the other open-air 4×4 on the market. Brad is a long-time Bronco guy and is well known in the off-road racing community for his wins at Baja, King of the Hammers, and elsewhere.

Let us know in the comments below which of these you’re following!



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