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Trail Guide: Running Top of the World in a Ford Bronco

Trail Guide: Running Top of the World in a Ford Bronco


The Bronco Nation Bronco ran Top of the World trail in Moab, UT, and we show you how you can do it in your 6th generation Bronco too. Watch as Bronco Nation’s Jon Melton (Nashville Early Bronco) talks you through prep, lines, and routes for this hard and iconic trail.

Recommendations and Equipment

Set aside approximately five hours to run the trail, and bring tools, a recovery kit with fire extinguisher, and food and water.

Jon’s completing the trail in a 2021 Bronco Badlands with the 2.7L engine and 10-speed automatic transmission. The Bronco was not factory-equipped with the Sasquatch package, but a 1.25” lift was recently added as well as 35” tires. Jon recommends 35s as the minimum required to run this trail. Front and rear lockers are also recommended, as is using the stabilizer bar disconnect if your Bronco is equipped with it. He runs the trail in 4L at 20 PSI.

Trail Directions

The Top of the World trail is 30 miles northeast of Moab. Start this trail adventure at Dewey Bridge. Once you’ve lowered your tire pressure and are ready to head out, take Estrada Bluffs Ridge, staying in 2H for this portion. At the 1.9-mile mark, you’ll go through a creek crossing. There’s a four-way intersection at 5.2 miles in. Take a slight right to Top of the World.

The steps will be your first obstacle, 0.3 miles in. It’s an optional challenge, with a bypass on the left. Jon takes it on in 4L with the rear locker on and sway bar disconnected. In about 0.2 miles more, there’s a wide-open rock slab. Follow the white markers on the grounds.

As the terrain gets rockier, use you front and rear lockers as needed. Close to the 3-mile mark, you’ll come to three big ledges. Take your time, and you’ll be able to tackle these just fine. About two-tenths of a mile past the ledges, the trail splits. Stay to the right.

Mile 3.6 offers more ledges. These have a bypass to the left, should you want to take it. An easy rock garden is next, and then you’ve made it to the top.

You’ll head back the same way you came in. There’s another trail that loops around, but Jon doesn’t recommend you take it. Watch the full video to see the steps in action as well as the epic view from the top!

Head to the forums to tell us about your time running the trail or your future plans to do so!



  1. I have been to Moab and did the Top of World Trail with a rented Jeep . I expect to get y Bronco by the end of May. Im planning to join the Bronco Nation events this summer where ever they are being held . We are very exited and can’t wait.


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