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Trail Essentials with Bronco Nation: Prep for a Run

Trail Essentials with Bronco Nation: Prep for a Run

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When off-roading, the question is not if you will ever get stuck. It’s when. And while those moments may be few and far between, other surprises may happen. If you’re properly prepared, stay uninjured and warm, and keep your wits about you, becoming mired down or having a mechanical issue is no real problem – and may be an adventure you never stop sharing. Being prepared is uncomplicated: a few steps completed in advance and having a handful of equipment and supplies in your vehicle.

Bronco Off-Roadeo director Greg Nicholas takes the community through some essentials for heading out on the trail.

Before a Run

  • Research where you’re going. Have a good idea of the trail difficulty, length, and the capability of both you and your Bronco. Pack a paper map in case of lost signal. Take a look at the weather and check the expected temps across the elevation changes. Throw on some layers and bring rain gear with you. You always want to be dressed to hike out, even if you never have to do so.
  • Take someone with you in your vehicle, or better yet, travel with another vehicle. If a vehicle has an issue, you may have an easier time at recovery or getting help. At the very least, tell someone about your travel plans: where you are going and how long you anticipate being out.

In Your Vehicle

  • Carry a flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries, matches, some basic hand tools, a first aid kit. Remember that what may have been meant as a short trip can turn long. Bring items that will make your trip enjoyable and comfortable, including extra sunblock, food, and water.
  • Have items you can self-recover with: A shovel is incredibly useful, and traction boards are a nice-to-have. Carry a recovery strap for assisted recoveries of your vehicle or another –– you’ll have plenty of opportunities where you can help out a fellow adventurer.

Watch the full video to hear Greg’s recommended items. You can learn more about off-roading specific to the Bronco at one of the four Off-Roadeo locations, an experience Ford has included with your purchase –– even before you take delivery.

What are your must-haves for the trail? Share yours in the forum!



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