Bronco fans have flocked to Super Celebration East in Tennessee to check out classic Broncos, meet other enthusiasts, and see the new 2021 Bronco family on display. While there are new Broncos on display at Super Cel E that had not been seen before, including a 4-door, there are still lots of questions the Bronco community is eager to find out about. We asked our forum users to submit their questions, and we rounded them up for discussion with Ford representatives to provide the following insights:

1. Will the slide out tailgate be a dealer purchasable item after taking  possession  of the Bronco or only available from the factory? 

It will likely be available as a purchasable item from the dealer.

2. Black Diamond and Outer Banks come with 32” tires. Can 33” tires be added afterwards without any modifications?

It is possible, but speedometer calibration might be affected because the vehicle is tuned to 32” tires. The offset of the tire is an important consideration too.

3. Will there be a list of standalone accessory options? 

Yes, when Build & Price opens.

4. Will there be a keypad for keyless entry? If so, where will it be located?

Keypad will be available as a dealer installed option and will be applied on the door.

5. Is the picatinny rail for the dash going to be available for all models?

The mounting points for these rails are on all 2-door and 4-door Broncos so adding them as an accessory will be possible for all models.

6. Will there be an option for an AC power outlet in the cargo area?

A 12-volt outlet is available with the mid package.

7. For Badlands and Black Diamond, will power seats be available with the wash out floors? 

No, power seats will not be available.

8. Will removable rear windows be available with a modular top on the 2-door?

Yes, the removable rear windows will be available.

9. Will the crossbars on the roof rack be adjustable?

The front cross bar is adjustable to two positions, but the back crossbar is fixed.

10. What are the options for attaching a front license plate?

An additional bracket will be required, which, depending on the grill, will be included with the vehicle.

Stay tuned for more Q&A and let us know what you think in the forum!


  1. It’s sickening the Bronco doesn’t come in a V8 option. But neither does a Jeep. I wish environmentalist would stick to trees and leave the auto world alone!

    1. So you wanta heavy outdated load of weight up front, rather than a I-4 that makes more hp than the old 302’s that they last used? And gives you twice the mileage? What do you lose out on?

      1. How about comparing the new I-4 to a new V8, that’s all aluminum. Also, this comes with a V6, as well, that has an iron block. The weight between the V6 with turbos and the V8 would be minimal. Probably less than your girlfriend, and that’s saying a lot.

      2. Nothing sounds like a V8. Turbos are a high wear item. Give me a modern V8 naturally asperated any day over a force fed 4 or 6 cylinder. The Great American way is V8. Sounds like no other and the durability is way better than any over worked turbo engine.

  2. I have the 2.7 Ecoboost in my 2016 F150 Crew Cab. 53,000 problem-free miles. It has more than enough power, and with 2 injectors per cylinder to reduce carbon, and a graphite block, it should be more than enough enging (maybe too much) for the smaller, lighter Bronco.

  3. I reserved a first edition and then i heard the white top and light gray interior won’t be available during that production. To showcase those colors on the feature launch video and not have them available for a year or more and in the First Edition… takes away from the coolness of the First Edition and the classic colors. There is only the 1 option for the roof I was told… Big drop ball. No longer getting the vehicle without those options available.

    1. Paul, I agree. Ordered the WildTrak under the same notion reference (in my case) the Black top. Now, Im told that is ONLY and option and will not be available until approx a year after release. Hook, line and sinker on the sign up for the Bronco. Very disappointed as well. Considering dropping it now. Not to mention, they promised the dealerships accepting delivery would exercise any dealer costs. RIGHT!!! They are telling me that on top of the delivery fee, there is some $800 for processing fees. Im calling the bluff.
      Ford, please help!

  4. I haven’t seen any information on a lumbar support in any of the seat options. I would like to see leather and 10 way electric seats as an option in more models. So far I’ve only seen leather in the Outerbanks with the black leather.Can you offer the 10 way electric seats in the brown leather?

  5. I am disappointed that it looks like I can’t get any type of roof rack/accessories if I order the Wildtrak with the Sasquatch package. Am not sure why (how does the drive train and wheel/tires affect the roof).
    Please advise.

  6. For the past two years , Ford has said the Bronco will be available with a manual gearbox . Now we know it will only be available with the 4 banger . What a bitter disappointment . What I really wanted was a Coyote with a 6 – speed box and a clutch pedal . I’m 72 years old .

  7. Ordered my daughter for her 19th Birthday the Outerbanks Cactus Gray with white roof and washable white & light grey interior, and loaded with other options. They told me that’s not possible and that we might be receiving the Bronco by mid-2022. That’s so backward they advertise the combo but will not give you the option! We have decided on a new vehicle from someone else. They have lost me as a future client …..Goodbye to my $60+K. As someone else said, we too are No longer getting the vehicle without those options available. False advertising is very disappointing.

  8. I need a trailer hitch with my Bronco. Swapped my F-250 super duty for a jeep wrangler. It tows the boat trailers and utility trailers just fine and I’m sure the Bronco will as well with a hitch.


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