Home events Live from Overland Expo PNW: Best of Show, Summer Events, New BN Partners
Live from Overland Expo PNW: Best of Show, Summer Events, New BN Partners

Live from Overland Expo PNW: Best of Show, Summer Events, New BN Partners


While the Bronco Nation team was in Oregon, we did another livestream. If you were able to join us in real time, you got to meet the newest member of our staff, London, and heard some teasers!

For those who couldn’t make it (or for those who would like to watch sections again), I’ll break it down into timestamps. Join us on the next one to get your specific questions or POVs addressed!

1:15 – Introductions, favorite parts of the show, and trail drives. Sound unfortunately cuts out; it’s not you … it’s us 🙁 But basically, we really love hanging out with you all who keep coming back to Bronco Basecamps and those coming out for the first time! We also enjoy spending time getting to know partners and potential partners better, as we work to bring you “BN-approved” products. The trail drives were great, too, and it was fun watching some of you who have recently gotten Broncos get to know the equipment better and test out the G.O.A.T. Modes.

6:30 – What’s coming for the rest of the summer. London and I have the Ladies’ Day at Off-Roadeo Texas, and we’re excited about seeing some of you very soon! Then it’s on to the Woodward Dream Cruise, where we will be displaying your Broncos in the Ford Bronco Corral, off-roading, and camping together. We’ll follow that up with Overland Expo Mountain West and Super Celebration West, both in Colorado, and both with a Bronco Basecamp. Plus, we have one very special thing planned –– you’ll be seeing the outcome from that project soon!

10:55 – Merch! London is working on bringing us new items, more colors, and better fits. Women who don’t love the unisex clothes, you’ve got a friend in her. We also will be doing a Bronco flannel, something those of you who have been with us since the beginning will appreciate. She’s been listening to your requests and making some great plans.

12:38 – Bronco Nation’s two-year anniversary and member grille badges. Tomorrow, July 13, starts the second year of Bronco Nation. We are so grateful to have all of you making up this community. Day 1 members, watch for a special thank you from us. We are also celebrating this tomorrow in the forums. You won’t want to miss an amazing challenge that everyone is welcome to participate in, put on by our members who love being the Nation.

15:06 – Your requests for the store, plus a teaser on what’s coming. Hint: Member pricing and one-stop shopping on everything featured on the GPW green Bronco, minus the wrap!

19:13 – What London thinks of the Bronco. She’s experienced driving it at the New Hampshire and Vegas Off-Roadeos, and we’re thrilled she sees why we’re all so into it.

22:52 – Overlanding setups at the show and Basecamp. You all brought some amazing trailers and have some great ways to travel and camp with your Broncos, including the OBI Graveler –– if you want to see what Matt and Jordan were talking about.

28:13 – Summer adventures. We can’t reveal our major project yet (and we hope those who know keep the secret!), but we have something very cool coming that we can’t wait to share with you.

31:01 – Favorite Bronco builds from Overland Expo PNW.

34:39 – Upcoming how-to videos. We have more with Jon Melton, and don’t forget to check out those posted in the forums too. One former Basecamp attendee and current BN member, Burtoni Motors, recently posted how to add the Ford roof rails to a Bronco. We love seeing your tutorials!

36:41 – Rapid-paced Q&A, including Heritage Edition, MY23 colors, Rough Country bumper with hidden winch, and Bronco Order Survey & Analysis Project (fill out your info and check out the dashboard!)



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