A New Look for Adventure Seekers: The Bronco Sport Topo Graphic Package

Bronco Sport
May 16, 2023

photos: Danielle Cheifetz

When it comes to expressing individuality and embracing the spirit of adventure, personalizing your vehicle can make all the difference. Ford has recently introduced an option for Bronco Sport owners who want to stand out — the Topo Graphic Package. Initially discovered on Bronco Sport Build & Price with limited information available, we're here to shed some light on this new offering.

The Topo Graphic Package is a $500 decal package designed specifically for the Bronco Sport and is currently available for Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks, and Badlands models.

It’s not the only decal package for the Sport: The Black Diamond Graphic Package, with its hood and bodyside graphics, was introduced in November 2022 for the '23 model year.

However, while the Black Diamond package offers slightly different decal designs, it also includes wheels/tires and underbody bash plate protection. If you’re after a fresh look without the additional features (more to come on the Black Diamond package), the Topo Graphic Package is an appealing alternative.

The Design

So, what exactly does the Topo Graphic Package entail? The package comprises anti-glare/matte black decals strategically placed on the hood and left/right body-sides of the Bronco Sport. These decals feature Bronco logo die-cutting, allowing the vehicle's exterior colors to be exposed, creating a striking visual contrast. See it here on Atlas Blue Bronco Sport Badlands, a new color for the 2023 model year.

Getting It

You can order the Topo Graphic Package through your Ford dealership, whether you’re adding to a new vehicle order or retrofitting your existing Sport.

If you're considering getting your hands on this eye-catching upgrade, the easiest way is by adding the feature code "85C" when ordering a new Bronco Sport. However, for current owners who want it, we have good news. All the parts of the Topo Graphic Package can be ordered through your local Ford dealer –– though you may run into a delay getting yours. If components are not in stock when ordering, Ford says that they can be fulfilled within a reasonable timeframe.

Here are the part numbers for each component of the Topo Graphic Package:

  • P1PZ-9920000-BB
  • P1PZ-9920000-BA
  • P1PZ-9920000-BC
  • P1PZ-9920000-BD
  • P1PZ-9920000-BE
  • P1PZ-9920000-BF
  • P1PZ-9920000-BG
  • P1PZ-9920000-BH
  • P1PZ-9920000-BJ

Moab: A Beautiful Reveal

It's fitting that the Topo Graphic Package was captured during a photo shoot last week in Moab, a place renowned for its breathtaking topography and challenging trails. Moab holds a special significance for the Sport, as it was one of the testing grounds where the Bronco Sport was initially tested.

It's worth noting that Bronco Off-Roadeo, an exhilarating off-road driving experience in Moab and other locations, is now open to ALL 2023 model year Bronco Sport series owners; previously, it was exclusively available to Badlands and First Edition owners. This means that owners who order their 23MY Bronco Sport with (or without) the Topo Graphic Package can fully embrace the Sport's capabilities in a remarkable off-road setting!


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