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Hi Laura,

Did receive a poster today but it was badly damaged, torn and wrinkled. There was a sticker from the postal service saying that it was damaged on them receiving it. Is there any one to contact to get a replacement.
Thanks, Kerry
Good evening...looking at Austin Off-Roadeo next weekend for my birthday, questions:
1 - Is it now one day or still two? Booking Friday July 30.
2 - As I am a late reservation and order (both were done June 23) do I qualify for the $250 credit? Reservation on hold for now.
Thank you!!
May I ask how much money some of you had to pay as a deposit when converting your reservation to order? I paid $900 to my local Ford dealer. Still haven't heard like most about a building date.
Hi Laura , Just wondering if you need to be invited to go to the bronco nation tour in Tampa and if so how doyou go about doing so ? Thank you.
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Good question, @gumby damit -- No invitation necessary, no sign-up needed (but you can let us and others know you're planning on it by hitting the RSVP on this page!). Just show up!
Dealer called! My boy Gifft let me know they got an Outer Banks in for me to drive!