Today at Bronco Nation - Fri., 12-10-21


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Mar 18, 2021
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Hey all, hope you had an excellent week. The Bronco Nation team met in person for some of it, and those are full days of seeing how we can better serve you all. One thing's for sure: We're excited to roll out another new member benefit in a few days! Watch your email for that.

I'll round up the news this week, since there was a good chunk of stories the last couple days.

1. Bronco Everglades, of course. Sounds like the fenders, flares, and wheels stole more hearts than the snorkel. It will be cool to see more of it.
2. Flat Towing the 2021 Ford Bronco: Neutral Tow Mode How-To. Our resident how-to expert Jon Melton gives a flannel-free instructional on putting your Bronco into flat-tow mode.
3. Turns out Bronco Sport has a small part made from 100% recycled ocean plastic.
4. Bronco gift ideas -- in case you need to do some holiday shopping. We also have our own addition to your Christmas giving: A BN gift bag with every order to wrap something up in, and free shipping on orders $75. To get things by Christmas day, you'll want to order by Dec. 16 ( standard shipping takes 5-8 days/priority is 3). The bag will be included with your order, so if you want it to go to someone special, you'll still want it to be delivered to your house. Unless your friends are cool with wrapping up and then unwrapping their own gift ;)
5. Kelsey, Esteban, and Erik answer Instagram Ask Me Anything questions.
6. And one of the most exciting things: @Mattwings has set up a member meetup at Holly Oaks in Michigan this Sunday. Make sure you to get tickets at 9 p.m. tomorrow so you can be guaranteed entry. Broncos and Sports are welcome, as are experienced off-roaders and newbies. And if you don't have your Bronco but can make it in another vehicle, come on out!